My name is Renee, and I feel I have a mash-up of interests and hobbies that I either have explored or am currently doing so. I am a teacher, yogini, DIY-er, foodie, garden lover, part-time princess (check out my blog for Once Upon A Party LLC) and book enthusiast. I also dig vocal slides and sharps and flats.  I am all about sensory overload! I love savory tastes, pungent smells, colorful patterns, and rich textures: anything that can create a strong memory. I have tried experimenting over the last few years with a variety of recipes and have tried to incorporate many theories into my diet.  I am a “flexitarian” if I had to label myself, but I’m not into that so much!  I am all about local, fresh, and organic ingredients when it comes to my food and body care.  I have now been chemical and medicine-free for two years and have taken to natural homeopathic remedies.

I didn’t start my journey into a healthy lifestyle until I graduated from college. Things just didn’t feel right. As a teacher, my health became more important than ever before. If I didn’t have the energy or was always feeling sick, I would not be a productive member of my school or classroom. After a series of tests, scans, food journals, and doctor visits, I was diagnosed with compound migraine headaches that would eventually become debilitating. My doctors also confirmed a few years later that I had GERD. I thought to myself, “I am only in my mid-twenties. HOW am I feeling THIS TERRIBLE?!” I knew I had to make lifestyle changes in order to feel 100% and I am still tweaking those changes to this day. I moved from thinking of food in a way of comfort and ease: what was convenient was what I was eating! I began to think of food as nourishing, healing, and as a preventative means to ailments I had been experiencing. This truly sparked an entire journey of mind-body wellness. I began practicing yoga, attending acupuncture, collecting recipes for healthy meals AND natural skin care. I began to notice that the choices I was making out of comfort and ease had ultimately been sabotaging my health.

It is now my goal to share my experiences with others in hopes that they, too, may spark their own journey. Whether it be eating healthier, trying to incorporate new ingredients into regular recipes, meditating daily or becoming more mindful of what they are putting into their bodies….I want my experiences to help others reach a discovery about themselves.

***Disclaimer:  This blog and its owner make no claims health or otherwise about the effects and usefulness of any recipes posted.  Most are copy-cat in nature with a few changes made.  Use discretion when using, working with, and ingesting any of the listed ingredients.  Consult a physician before using any of the products before putting them into practice if you have any concerns.


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