Sunday Funday: My Favorite Blogs to Follow.

Happy Sunday, everyone!  I feel like any time I start out a blog post I am always just saying, “Things have been busy/crazy/hectic here!” so I’m just not going to say that.  You can just always assume it to be true, okay?

But, things have been wild (haha!).  Mike and I just had our birthdays, we had a large bath bomb order to put together, I started teaching yoga after school, I finished painting our entire first floor, and I have been working on promoting my small company Once Upon A Party LLC during my “off”time.

So, today I wanted to make it A POINT to post.  I have some new food recipes I can’t wait to get up on here, but a few weeks back I said I would be sharing some of my most favorite blogs that each follow different theories on diet and what you should/shouldn’t consume.  Most of my recipes are copycat in nature and I have definitely been inspired by a lot of these blogs.  I usually end up cutting out or replacing certain ingredients to put my own spin on it and season it to my liking.  Maybe you’ll be just as inspired by these blogs as I am!  Enjoy.

The Paisley Kitchen’s Most Favorite Blogs  To Follow:

1.)  The Roasted Root — (Gluten-Free, Paleo, Vegetarian) Not only do many of the recipes look phenomenal on this blog, the photography is so professional.  The Roasted Root is home to many whole-food inspired dishes that are heavy on the veggies.  You can find a lot of gluten-free options on this blog as well, and the design makes it easy to jump between the different categories of paleo, gluten-free, and so on.  Beautiful blog, delicious food made simple.  What more could you ask for.

To TryWild Rice Stuffing with Pear, Butternut Squash, and Pecans!


2.)  The Minimalist Baker — (Gluten-Free, Vegetarian, Vegan, Paleo) This blog prides itself on delicious food done quick and with minimal ingredients.  Most recipes are 10 ingredients or less and require one pan or dish to create.  I LOVE simple dishes for week day dinners, and this blog delivers those options.  Many of the recipes are also vegan or vegetarian which is a great plus.

To TryToasted Coconut Pancakes!


3.)  The First Mess — (Gluten-Free, Vegan, Seasonal Eating) Inspired more by working in nature and in agriculture than the culinary school she attended, author Laura from The First Mess create beautiful dishes using seasonal and local ingredients in Canada.  Her blog is almost entirely gluten-free and vegan, and the possibilities are endless.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert can all be found at The First Mess and the pictures are a form of art in themselves.

To TryRoasted Carrot and Chickpea Harrisa Dip!

4.)  PaleOMG — (Gluten-Free, Paleo, Low/No-Carb) I LOVE everything about  The entries are usually hilarious and along with all paleo meal plans, the author also writes about workouts and fashion.  I think I have tried some of the most interesting recipe combinations from this website, and Mike and I have a few staple meals we make monthly that are totally inspired by this blog.

To TryCoconut Lime Jalapeno Marinated Chicken Salad!

chicken paleo omg

5.)  Gimme Some Oven — (Vegetarian, Homestyle, Meat-based) This blog is all about putting a new spin on classics and homestyle favorites.  Many of the recipes are heavy on the veggies, but there is a fair share of meat in many of them.  If you’ve ever been on Pinterest, you have most definitely pinned something from this huge index of amazing recipes!

To TryItalian Lentil Soup!


I hope you end up loving these blogs as much as I do!!!  Most of the mentioned blogs have cookbooks for sale, too!  What inspiring ladies…..

PS — I claim no rights to the photos.  I simply borrowed them from the authors with the intention of directing some traffic in that direction 😉

Have a great Sunday evening, and hopefully I’ll be posting sooner than later!

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