A New Year.

The end of December and beginning of January have always weighed heavy on me.  The end of one year, looking forward to a new one, thinking about what has been and what has not been….It’s this weird mix of accomplishment, sometimes dissatisfaction, eagerness, and nostalgia.

This year I let that go.  I didn’t even care to celebrate New Year’s Eve.  Time is such an abstract thing:  how can one part of the year just BE an END and a BEGINNING?  I’ve just taken on the mindset that any day and every day can be an end and a beginning all in one if I choose to see it that way.

I am going on two years being completely chemical-free and medicine-free which makes me ecstatic.  I have significantly altered my lifestyle to keep compound migraines and digestive issues at bay using healthier food choices and cutting out bad routines.  However, my routines and habits can always be changed even more to promote even more healing and wellness.

If you happen to catch any of my posts on Instagram, I posted the other day that I have significantly cut back on alcohol the last 3-4 years.  I’ve posted a few times before how terrible my eating habits were and how horribly I was treating my body and mind.  I am now admittedly back up to my heaviest weight (sigh), BUT, I am feeling healthier all the time.  Although I would like to see the numbers on the scale go down, I am more concerned with what’s happening on the INSIDE both physically and mentally before I get too worked up on the outside.


So, it’s a new year and a beginning of change because I say so.  I don’t necessarily have resolutions this year, but for 2016 I really want to focus on going INSIDE and truly finding my peace and myself.  I’ve grown and changed a lot these last three years, but I am ready to face internal challenges head on this year and I am ready to do it honestly.


Here were my resolutions from last year:

1.)  Stop comparing myself to myself.  The past can be tricky.  I often get stuck in nostalgic ruts that leave me feeling both happy and sad.  But, the comparing needs to stop.

2.)  Get more active and continue living “mostly” meat-free.  Weights.  Yoga.  No running though.  I still hate that.

3.)  Let go.  This could go a number of ways.  But, mainly it means if something doesn’t serve me, let it go.  Negative comments others make, let it go.  A new hobby that I wanted to give a try but end up not liking it, let it go.  Judgments, let it go.

4.)  Meditate.  I was doing so good for a while.  Honestly, I feel this practice benefits anyone who takes this journey.  It is the most self-serving thing you can do.  See your thoughts.  Transform them into more positive ones.  Or, just be.

I can truthfully say I did a great job on number 2 and number 3.  The first and last I still need a lot of work.  This year I don’t have any statements I want to adhere to but I do, however, want to tweak my daily routine to incorporate more of number 4 and rid myself of number 1.

I picked the Intention Card “Purification” after much thought with my intention jar the other day so I am incorporating that into a goal for myself this year.  Detoxing is something I want to continue doing regularly for my body and meditation/relaxation techniques will be added for my mind and spirit.


I’ve already switched up my morning routine which I will share in a few days.  Starting my day off in my new routine keeps me feeling peaceful and prepared for my entire day.


I’ve also been trying to cut back my daily “internet” or “virtual” intake, so The Paisley Kitchen has been a little neglected.  No worries though!  I still plan on updating from time to time to share some yummy recipes, PowerHouse Purchases, and other ramblings that may not make much sense 😉


For now, good night and Happy Friday!  Be back soon with that falafel recipe you see above!!!!!


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