Some of my Favorite Small Businesses for “Small Business Saturday”

Small Business Saturday (Shop Small Saturday) is coming….Winter is also apparently coming TOMORROW, too here in Erie. Not looking forward to that…..

There are a myriad of reasons why you should shop small this holiday season and NOT just on November 28th, 2015.  But, next Saturday is a good place to start 🙂

Honestly, I’ve never understood the allure of Black Friday…although, a few years back when people starting shopping after Thanksgiving dinner, my cousin and I drove to the outlet mall about 45 minutes away.  To sit.  In traffic.  For about three hours.  We walked around for MAYBE 20 minutes and made the trek back home.  Time wasted, money wasted, fuel wasted.  After that experience, I was like, “No, f**k that.”

The media, marketing and labeling is all saying the same thing…”Go buy more waste.”  “Tis the season….”  There aren’t THAT many spectacular deals, anyway.  There are a billion other deals all year long, by the way.

If you are going to go a little crazy this holiday season with gifts for your loved ones, why not support your local economy and businesses with purchases made from people in your area?  Why continue to give your hard earned cash to corporations that have been known to have poor business practice, treat employees like garbage, make employees miss time with family and friends over the holiday season, and have most of their manufacturing happening overseas where they can pay less for maximum profit gains?

Okay, so I’m ranting.  And this is not what this post is about.  I wanted to share with you some of my very favorite small businesses around the Western PA area and others listed on Etsy and social media.  Support hand made crafters this season and surprise your loved ones with unique and memorable gifts!

Do you have a favorite small shop or crafter?  Comment below with a link to any of their social media or websites!!!!  Happy Holiday Shopping!!!!

****The photos I will be using in this post are from the following small business’ social media and websites and I will credit them unless I’ve snapped the photo myself.  If your products are pictured and you would like me to remove the image or credit a different photographer, just let me know 🙂*****

Shop Small Saturday Gift Ideas

1.)  Julia Claire’s Clay Asheville, NC — Julia makes AWESOME ceramic wares and jewelry.  Often times she collaborates with others to create decal prints for her ceramics.  If you’re looking for unique, statement jewelry or the perfect tea set or spoon rest for the cooks in your life, look no further!  Click the link listed above to check out some of her work.  You can also find her on Instagram @juliaclairee or check more of her work out here.  And…you can find her work at Glass Growers and Pointe Foure here in Erie.

FullSizeRender (7).jpg

Credit:  Julia Claire’s Clay

FullSizeRender (6)

Credit:  Julia Claire’s Clay


2.)  For Real Surreal Club Pittsburgh, PA– Mike and Masha are an imaginative team but both extremely talented in their own ways in the realms of all things artistic.  They have started up the For Real Surreal Club within the last year selling beeswax candles scented with essential oils molded into the shapes of crystals.  They also crush gems and create an inlay for wooden pendants that they create and sand themselves.  Check out their EXTREMELY colorful feed over on Instagram @forrealsurrealclub or check them out on Facebook.

3.)  Good Earth Essentials Washington– Kathy Young of Good Earth Essentials has an amazing story of how she began making natural body, face, and hair care products which I’ve posted before.  Give the gift of natural beauty to the women AND men in your life with her hand made soaps, lotions, and other face care products.  I have been using the Breakout Buster face wash and Detox mask now for about three years and wouldn’t consider using any others.  You can find her shop listed on Etsy.

photo (8)

4.)  Papyrusaurus Erie, PA — Ashley is a creative master mind with her hand crafted paper, fandom crafts.  Love super witty and clever sayings?  Are you a Harry Potter or Doctor Nerd fanatic?  Or, do you love gifting unique holiday ornaments every year?   You can find this and many other customized paper wares here.  Follow Ashley’s hilarious crafting adventures on Instagram @papyrusauruscraft

5.)  Samantha Skelton Jewelry Erie, PA — Samantha Skelton’s jewelry is fantastically unique and bold.  She has won awards for her craftsmanship and attends some of the largest Art Shows and Festivals around.  If you’re looking for conversation stopping design pieces, look no further.  You can check out her designs here and as well as on Instagram @skeltonjewelry

This list easily could go on and on….some other shoutouts go to (and it is their Instagram name listed)…..

@thatchvintage (California) for awesome vintage finds (50-75% all items next weekend!!!!!!!!)

@northavecandles (Pittsburgh) for their awesome Banned Books Collection

@purringbuddha (SLC, Utah) for amazing natural, vegan soaps

@pointefoure (Erie, PA) for more vintage items

@modapothecary (Erie, PA) for hand crafted perfumes

If you’re looking for chemical-free bath care, I am also taking MTO orders until December 1st for Siren’s Song Bath Scrubs AND I’m issuing gift certificates for Once Upon A Party LLC.


May the holiday spirit lead to more mindful gift choices this year, and get out there and support your locals!!!  Happy weekend to you!


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