Silent Saturdays

Hey, there!  Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend and you’re resting and relaxing.

Things have been hectic and busy (as always) around this neck of the woods.  I talked to my mom the other day to just kind of touch base and she made the comment, “I don’t know how you do it.  You’ve always got so much going on.  You, like, never relax,” which in some ways is kind of true.  I like having a packed schedule, learning new things, creating new projects, and going everywhere with everyone.  But…her comment also made me kind of reflect on everything I have had going on for the last year or so.  I can kind of see how it appears that I never relax or my mind is fleeting and moving on and on and on.  This year is coming to a close sooner than later and I’ll definitely be reflecting on some of my goals of the past year and setting some new ones.  A resolution I intend to work towards and implement this year is to take time to deeply relax and find stability. The following Jack Kerouac quote from “On the Road” has always resonated with me:  I like too many things and get all confused and hung-up running from one falling star to another till I drop.  No truer words have been spoken that directly relate to how I get so carried away about everything (which is not always a bad thing).  My focus has definitely been all over the place, and I want to start encouraging myself to find silence when it is available to reboot and settle.

Silent retreats are a really great way to reconnect with yourself and free your mind of all its responsibilities.  I have only ever partaken in two silent retreats both with very different outcomes and effects.  I have always wanted to schedule in mini silent retreats every month, and I always find that I “can’t make time” or have too many things going on.  I am going to start making it a point that I spend time in silence on the weekends.  Saturday or Sunday mornings are a great time to take an hour or more to just quietly meditate, read, relax, and break away from the trillions of thoughts ever flowing in the mind.

One thing I would like to have here at The Paisley Kitchen is a Silent Saturday (or Sunday) post of just pictures.  Maybe things I have found to be beautiful that week or images that evoke a sense of peace….if I can SUCCESSFULLY implement a schedule for silence, I will definitely share how it’s going and how I’ve made it happen with you 🙂

A lot has happened in the last ten days since posting…..

First off, I GOT A DOG!!!!!!!!  His name is Dobby and he’s a little Rat Terrier mix.  He’s about seven years old and is the sweetest little thing.  We got him from the A.N.N.A. Shelter which is a great community organization here in Erie.  The cat is slowly coming around….I guess I couldn’t have expected him to be excited as me.

Secondly, I completed the Child Light Yoga Teacher Training at Penn State last weekend.  It was incredibly insightful and it was really awesome to catch up and do it with a very close friend.  Hoping to share some of that little journey here as well as over on Once Upon A Party’s page.

Thirdly, I had an AMAZING tarot reading yesterday at Mod Apothecary here in Erie and mixed up an awesome Calm Classroom aromatherapy room spray.  I would love to do an interview about essential oils and aromatherapy sometime in the future with the staff at Mod!

So….posting has really come secondary this past week just because life has happened and it has been awesome.  Here are a few pictures from the past week I’d like to share with you.  Silent Saturdays will look much like the following accept I will share no words….just the images and thoughts they personally evoke for you 🙂  See you back here in the next few days for an delectable vegetarian roasted squash recipe, DIY gift ideas for the upcoming holiday season, and a blurb on enemas….yes, that’s coming XP Have a nice weekend, folks!

IMG_3031 IMG_2984 IMG_3032 IMG_3010 IMG_2987 IMG_2848 IMG_2904 IMG_2939 IMG_2896 IMG_2944


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