Holding Onto Weight: Is it intentional?

I honestly came across this video unintentionally.  I have been reading and listening a lot about veganism, vegetarianism, and raw foodism.  If you’ve been following along with my musings and posts here at The Paisley Kitchen for the past YEAR, you already know I have tried incorporating a lot of different diet and lifestyle changes over the last few years to find what resonates with my body and makes me feel overall really well.  I had given the raw foods thing a go about five years ago, and now that I have researched and read a bit more about it I TOTALLY get why I actually GAINED weight while following the guidelines put forth from people like Natalia Rose in books and other written works.  About a week ago, I had just been finding different people Youtubing about being vegan (both pros and cons in regards to personal health) and this particular video really made an impression with me.

For years now I have struggled with negative self talk.  The scale goes up, my attitude is deflated.  The scale goes down, I lessen the internal blows I am hitting myself with every morning.  When I first was introduced to meditation and positive affirmations, I let go of that negative self talk.  Want to know what I noticed?  I shed weight so easily!!!  If I ate a particularly large dinner and felt a little bloated the next day, I literally would say to myself AND OUT LOUD TO SOMEONE ELSE, “Oh, it doesn’t matter.  My body will handle it and bounce back.”  I knew my body was capable of digesting, metabolizing, and extracting nutrients….In other words, I let my body do it’s fucking job and didn’t WORRY about it.  There is something to be said about how we talk to ourselves throughout the day and before, during, and after a meal.

After watching this video, I felt like, “AHA!!!  THAT’S why!!!!”  How you are feeling internally ultimately affects how you present yourself outwardly.  It could even mean holding on to extra weight because you are feeling particularly vulnerable internally.

Before a meal, think about how that food will positively nourish your body.  Think about where it comes from.  If you don’t know where it comes from or how it was prepared, it’s probably not the best food to put into your body.  During a meal, TAKE YOUR TIME WHILE EATING.  I often rush through a meal just to finish.  This is something I am trying to break myself out of currently.  There is an entire chapter in “Peace Is Every Step” by Thin Nhat Hanh dedicated to eating and how to do it mindfully.  After a meal, think about how that food is helping you do everything you’re doing after consuming it.

This video really reminded me of these steps to take in relation to the food I am ingesting.  I have been getting so far away from viewing food as I had been doing:  nourishment.  Although I have been cooking and baking a lot, I haven’t been appreciating or being mindful with the food I have been preparing.

I hope this video strikes a chord with you as it has with me 🙂  Happy Hump Day, and see y’all back here soon to talk about ENEMAS and some other routines I’ve been incorporating into my life!


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