Gemstones: A Quick Look into How They May Serve You.

Hey, y’all!  It’s Friday and I’m feeling a bit better.  Still keeping up with vitamins, lots of water, and lots of tea to kick this thing.  Hoping it will be GONE before tomorrow.  Mike and I are having a ZOMBIE party….so, maybe having a gross cold will only enhance my character?

Ever wonder why gems are so sought after?  Not only are they beautiful to look at and feel in your hands or on your skin, they have been used in a number of cultures for their healing energy and properties, protection, manifestation, and intention setting.  Did you know that many crowns of the past were adorned with Sapphire because it is the stone of wisdom and rational thought?  What leader wouldn’t want to have that stone on their side (I mean, on their head.)?


This is just a little introduction into how stones may benefit you personally, but I encourage everyone to just start a collection!  You can find single tumbled stones at a variety of Earth and Nature oriented stores.  Here in Erie we have a shop on West 8th that carries may unique tumbled stones and wares.  Just start collecting and see how those stones feel for you.

Ways to Incorporate Gems Into Daily Life:

Wear them — Duh!  Not only diamonds are a girl’s best friend but rose quartz, tiger eye, and jaspers.  There are a variety of stones in a variety of price ranges and what’s beautiful about gems is that each is unique in its shape and coloration.  Wearing a pendant made from gems can help protect you from negative energy and even give you the ability to remain calm throughout your day.  It all depends on the stone.  Try these stones in pendant form…

  1. Rose Quartz — Honestly, any quartz in the form of a pointed pendant is powerful.  It helps with clearing your energy space and with clarity in general.  However, Rose Quartz is known as The Loving Teacher and works well for someone who is still discovering themselves (who isn’t??).  This stone has gentle energy and promotes self love so keep it close to the chest for maximum results.
  2. Lapis Lazuli — This stone is to help with confusion.  Feeling as though you have difficult decisions ahead?  This stone is for you.
  3. Jade — Who doesn’t the love the various colors of jade???  This is the stone of serenity.  Promote peace wherever you go!
  4. Turquoise — Known to aid in mediation and contemplative thought.  Plus, it’s bright color is showstopping.
  5. Amethyst — This may be one of the most spiritual stones.  This stone allows for any energy blockage to be released and positive energy to become abundant.


Elixirs — An elixir is water that has been infused with a stone or multiple stones.  Here you would take a large pitcher of water and place the stones in the bottom.  Letting them sit for extended periods of time infuses the water with whatever stone you have placed at the bottom’s vibrations.  You can consume the water immediately, or store it for drinking or for use in meditation techniques.  All elixirs must be made using distilled water as the chlorine in tap water can be harmful to the stones.  If using at another point in time, be sure to store the water in a dark jar.  Below are a few stones you could first try for elixirs and what they would be good for.

  1. Moonstone – Moonstone cleanses and circulates energy in the emotional body.  It also helps those who recklessly spend money and to get back financial stability.  This stone also helps with intuition and the journey within.
    • Pink tourmaline – This stone is used when you may be feeling a creative blockage or that you are not being your truest self.  This will help open you up.
    • Rose quartz – Again, this stone can be used for so much.  If you fear commitment or responsibility this a great stone to infuse.  This stone also helps open one’s heart to others and oneself.


Meditation — This is my favorite use.  I love sitting down to meditate with three stones at the most and to set intentions for myself.  You can hold the stones in your hands while you meditate, keep them in front of you, OR lay flat on your back and place them on your chakras.  You can place colored stones on the chakras according to their colors (lapis would be throat because it’s blue, malacite would be heart because it’s green, etc…).  These stones each resonate with one (or more) chakras and releasing stagnant energy from these places.  To do this, simply lie back, place the stones on, and breath.  Some stones may roll off on their own and this is perfectly natural!!!  This means they have unblocked or help clear away stagnant energy!

Decoration — Did you know placing stones in certain parts of your house can offer protection, healing, and abundance?  Leaving these stones in beautiful dishes or just setting them out by themselves can really add an element of beauty and positive vibes to your space.  Obsidian can be placed in the corners of rooms to add protection and help break negative habits.  Quartz in the corners of your rooms can create a flow of positive energy throughout the home.  Grouping stones together and facing them North, East, West, or South can all mean something different, so take a look online to see if you could create a little corner of manifestation for your house.

One important thing to remember when you begin using stones is that they must be cleared.  Clearing means releasing any energy they have taken on and “resetting” their potential vibration/energy.  Upon purchasing any gems, you should always clear them.  Even if they are gifted to you, clear them.  I’ve read that they should be cleared after every use, but I do mine every so often.  If I had a particularly rough time meditating with certain stones or felt irritable holding one, obviously I’m going to clear it.  Here are some simple ways to clear the stones you may already have.


  • Cold water — Run your stones under cold water in your hand back and forth a few times and let them sit to dry.
  • Smudging — Burn sage and run the stones through the rising smoke, back and forth.
  • Large Quartz — Use a large clear quartz piece and hover it above your stones, back and forth.
  • Sun Reset — Let your stones sit out in the sun.  You may not want to use this method with all stones as some may be damaged and change color.

I hope this has been helpful, and I personally continue to learn about these beautiful stones and how to best use them.  Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend!!


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