Happy One Year Birthday to The Paisley Kitchen <3 !!!!!!!!

It’s officially been one year since I started up The Paisley Kitchen to share the patch-worked pieces of information I’ve picked up over the last two years in trying to renew, refresh, and rebuild my health and spirit.  I thought the one year anniversary was on the 16th (insert monkey-covering-eyes-emoji here), but I hopped on tonight to post my Foodie recipe tonight and got the notification from WordPress (thanks WordPress folks!).  Otherwise, I would have thought it to be any other random day with a delectable recipe to share with you…..

In honor of my wittle-bloggy’s b-day, I’ve decided to refresh the formatting on the page and share with you some of my favorite posts of the past and also talk about things to come with future posts.  It’s a time for retrospection and introspection for me, obvi.

First off, if you’re new(er) to The Paisley Kitchen I’ll let you in on what’s it all been about so far.  I was feeling pretty icky overall for a few years in my early twenties.  Years of bad eating, bad drinking, bad habits, and a bad attitude finally caught up with me and I decided ENOUGH is ENOUGH.  I had been experimenting with different diet and health plans beginning in 2010 and began dabbling in yoga.  I was constantly switching up my diet and was actually doing more damage to my body and well-being from bouncing from one mindset and plan to the next.  My life was riddled with migraines, unbelievable indigestion and stomach pains, and an overall feeling of malaise.  My health had deteriorated so much from poor food choices and drinking too much that my headaches would make me think, “What is the actual point every day if I’m feeling so horrible?”

The spring of 2013 I decided I HAD to change, and this time….for good.  I packed up and flew to California for a very transformational work-stay program and came back recharged, rebooted, and recharged.  I was more in tune with what my body, mind, and spirit needed and I became more educated on the foods I had been eating.  I changed a lot of my habits into healthier and more positive ones.  I began doing a lot more out of self-love rather than competing with myself constantly.  I noticed a shift in many different areas of my life, and I seemed to be “on track.”

About a year later in 2014, I decided to begin weening myself off of ALL medications.  I had been taking “maintenance” drugs for acid reflux and migraine headaches.  I began loosing my hair, fogging my brain with prescriptions, and fluctuating in my weight.  I have been medication free for almost a year and a half now, and I am a huge proponent in using food and diet as a preventative means to the “chronic” problems I was experiencing.

Now, 2015 is coming to a close and I am able to reflect on all of the growing I’ve done in the last two years as a whole and I’ve been able to document a lot of my ups and downs, here, at The Paisley Kitchen.  I am continually challenging myself, growing, and learning more about my body, mind and spirit and the best ways in which to nourish my being.  I by no means have my routine or habits PERFECT, and I never will.  I still have my own challenges….but it’s all positive now.  I am growing.

The Paisley Kitchen is a running log of this journey I continue to take step by step.  You can look here for recipes, must have kitchen “staples,” mindful activities and thoughts, and my commentary on different products or routines I’ve tested, tried, and kept in my own routines.

Things to look for in the future…….

  1. Well, I have been contemplating the entire concept of becoming vegan for some time now and I am still figuring out if I want to fully commit to it.  I will definitely be posting more thoughts and information on this in the weeks to come.
  2. I still plan on posting about the benefits of enemas, gemstone implementation, and simple habits to add to your routine to add some mindfulness to your days.
  3. Plan on seeing more interviews with local companies!  I recently moved back to little Erie, PA and I have already begun sniffing out the best local places, shops, and artists.
  4. Of course, MORE RECIPES!  I have been getting more and more daring in the kitchen and I can’t wait to post some of the new things I’ve been trying.

I always like to remind those out there reading that I am not a nutritionist, wellness coach, or dietitian.  Everything I post about I am posting from my own personal experiences.  You take what you will from it 🙂

Now….for my Top Ten Favorite Blogposts from the past year!!!

10.  Vegan Blueberry “Cheese”cakes:  These are SO easy to make, delicious, and actually really beautiful to look at!

photo 2 (11)

9.  Burrito Bowls:  Low maintenance meal but packed full of healthy shtuff.

photo (7)

8.  Interview with a Juicer:  In this post, I talk with Fresh From The Farm Juice owner Ankit Goyal.  We talk about the benefits of juicing over smoothies, mindful food choices, and how to bring vibrancy to your meals.  This is absolutely one of my favorite posts, and I only put it at number 8 because it’s my favorite number.  🙂

photo 3 (39)

7.  Switching to Shampoo Bars:  I switched up my hair care routine to natural shampoo bars for a while because I was loosing my hair (from medication) and wanted to start treating it like a baby.  I have since gone back to natural bottled products (conviences really since my shower is in a damp basement), but I loved this brand!

photo 1 (46)

6.  PowerHouse Purchase – Turmeric:  I can’t rave enough about Turmeric and its benefits.  Mike and I actually eat quite a lot of it (most of it unknowingly to him!).

photo 1 (39)

5.  My Birthday Post:  I love my birthday!  I used to hate it, but now I look forward to celebrating the growing and learning for another year.  Plus, there is an awesome link in this post to purchase great, comfy pants to help support women who have escaped sex-slavery.

photo 2 (36)

4.  Gift Ideas for the Foodie in your Fam:  Really great ideas for gift baskets for those who love FOOD!!!  I wouldn’t mind every single one of these baskets….

Try going to cold-pressed or unrefined oils for best results ;)

Try going to cold-pressed or unrefined oils for best results 😉

3.  Fasting with Purpose:  Fasting is hard.  And you’ve gotta be prepared.  Don’t make the same mistakes I have made!

photo 4 (23)

2.  PowerHouse Purchase — ACV:  Apple Cider Vinegar is one of my all-time-favorite foods that doubles as great skin care.

PowerHouse Purchase:  ACV

PowerHouse Purchase: ACV

  1.  Vegetarian Enchiladas:  Yes, I know, I know….my favorite post is a cheesy enchilada meal.  But, for real….I reference this SO OFTEN.  Mike and I eat these just about every other week.  It is such a hassle-free meal that freezes well, too.  Plus….you get an additional dessert recipe 😉

photo 3 (5)

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my little adventure within as much as I’ve enjoyed writing, researching, and speaking about these things.  Hope to see you tuned in here as I continue to learn and grow.


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