Gentle Parasite Cleansing & Smoothie Fast: Cleaning House.


Beautiful weather here, how ’bout you?  Finally feels (kinda) like summer.  I’ve started taking long walks in and around my parents’ neighborhood and just soaking it all in.  Yesterday I spotted some butterflies either eating or mating…maybe both?  Not sure.  You tell me!

photo (16)

Speaking of insects and buggy things, according to multiple sources, 85% of the American population have undiagnosed parasitic infections.  I feel like this is a pretty controversial topic these days and a lot of people are talking about it.  Let me start off by saying once again that I am no way “cleared” to give medical advice.  I am a simple young lady sharing my opinions and experiences with the following topic.  

Have you ever seen Monsters Inside Me???  Scary shizz, right?  Those scenarios are seriously WORST CASE SCENARIOS, but they happen!  Do you have a pet?  Do you spend a lot of time outside?  Do you travel often?  Do you/have you eaten raw sushi?  In my own research, I have read that if someone answers yes to one or more of these questions they MAY have been in contact with parasites and they MAY be infected.  Again, this is just from what I have found in my own research on my own time.  I believe what I have read is to be true (again, my own opinion!) because we do have common parasites spring up once in a while like pin worms and ring worms.  Who’s to say there aren’t other culprits in some of our health issues?

I’ve seen videos and photos of things people have passed while parasite cleansing and those images are frightening.  The worst part is thinking that those squirmy icky things can be contributing to intestinal discomfort, acne, and other issues.  I decided I wanted to try out a gentle cleanse just to kind of experiment and see how I would feel after.

I decided to combine a smoothie cleanse and NutraCraft’s gentle parasite clearing capsules.  Prior to my egg donation, I had stopped taking ALL supplements.  I didn’t want anything to interfere with how I would be feeling both emotionally and physically while injecting myself with hormones.  I wanted to incorporate some of the same vitamins and minerals together I had been taking previously while adding in some new ones.  NutraCraft’s pills had just the right combination.

photo 1 (14) photo 2 (13) photo 3 (10)

In addition to these cleansing pills, I added extra Psyllium Husks into my morning routine to help in the bathroom department.  When parasite cleansing, it is a good idea to increase your bowel movements to remove the waste that is trying to get out and NEEDS to get out.  I’ve also read that people actually use enemas to help with this (another controversial topic), but I have not experienced this personally so won’t be talking about it just yet.  🙂

My goal has been to drink smoothies for each of my meals to get the maximum amount of fruits and veggies in for my day to help boost my immunity, increase bathroom time, and gain essential nutrients in bulk.  I have been doing this three days and trying to minimize my sugar intake to help aid in flushing of toxins and maximum nutrient absorption (I did have ice cream Monday, oops!).

Smoothies are an awesome meal replacement, but can be packed FULL of sugar if you’re following certain recipes.  If a recipe calls for OJ, use an actual orange!  Yogurt?  Replace that with Almond Milk!  Less sugar, but you will still get a similar consistency.  If you want to use OJ, kefir, coconut water, or yogurt, cut the amount in half and substitute the other half with water.  I’ll post one of my favorite smoothie recipes from the week at the very end 🙂

So….how’s it going you may be thinking….?

I feel awesome!  I’ve dropped my water weight from donating, my headaches have cleared, and my stomach has been feeling perfectly balanced.  As for the bathroom…..have I seen anything gross?  Well, I’m not going to dig around like I’ve seen others do, but I have increased the number of times I’m going per day (3x right now) and it’s a large solid amount each time.

I’ll be eating solid foods starting tomorrow and still trying to cut back on that sugar.  My cleansing pills are to be taken with every meal and I will continue for the next seven days.

Perhaps next time I’ll really get in there to see what’s being expelled…I’m not sure.  This was an inexpensive way to try a parasite cleanse and see how I’d feel post cleansing.  Would I recommend it?  Yes.  But, again, I have no medical training and I suggest you do you own research and listen to YOUR body.  I’ll leave some links to parasite cleanse you can look into on your own time!  Now….for that smoothie recipe!

Baby Kale & Kiwi Smoothie (no pic, sorry!):

What You Will Need:

  • one handful of baby kale
  • one kiwi, skinned
  • half a banana
  • half an avocado
  • one tablespoon of chia seeds
  • one squirt of agave syrup
  • 4 oz. of OJ (this is cut in half…I used 4oz. of water to round out)

Mix it up and enjoy!  I LOVE kiwi seeds and the texture it adds to this particular smoothie.  Hope your Wednesday is wonderful!

Sites to Check:



Some Facts

*Disclaimer:  Again.  I am not a nutritionist, doctor, physician, nurse, or anything like that.  Just sharing my opinions and experiences.  Try these things at your own discretion.  


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