Break Time: Movin’ On.

Hello!  The Paisley Kitchen has “closed”….for now.  The apartment is packed up and now it’s time to move on.  I am leaving Pittsburgh for the time being, and because I have no apartment for now, it has been really hard to get into some good cooking the last week or so.  I have actually been eating pseudo Chinese food for the past few days, and my body is not taking it so well.  I totally didn’t prepare.  But, I know my body with bounce back!  Looking to do a major cleanse and get back into my healthier habits this summer.

Last week I participated in an Aryuvedic juice cleanse which didn’t go as planned.  First of all, I went to a doctor who is licensed in this practice and we had talked about a few different therapies I could participate in while juicing.  I had a day scheduled to pick up the juices that would last for three days, and to my surprise, I was just kind of handed the juice and shipped off on my way.  Not only did I have little to few instructions on when to drink the juices, I didn’t even know what was in my juice.  I felt a little gypped so right off the bat, my attitude was poor before entering into the cleanse.

I have been and will always be an advocate for juice cleanses but I am no way a health care professional that knows the true effects of juicing or not juicing.  I just know how I feel prior, during, and post cleansing and share that information here.  With that being said, this was NOT the first cleanse that I quit half way through.  I will never or EVER CONDONE someone finishing a juice cleanse “just to do it” or because you feel you can “push through.”  Sure, juicing is just as much a physical thing as it is mental, but if you truly don’t feel up to it, stop.  I felt so sick my second day that I almost chalked it up food poisoning!  I’m not sure I will ever let someone else prepare my juices again and will just stick to my own kitchen and juicer.

photo (11)

I can’t wait to get back into my healthier habits, share some more recipes, and get into some other topics after the move is completed!

In the meantime, I hope everyone is enjoying the beginnings of summer!  Much love!


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