PowerHouse Purchase: Almond Oil.

Happy Monday!

I SWEAR I will be giving an update on facial massage soon.  I have been trying a variety of different oils because my original mix (if not THOROUGHLY washed off post massage) was causing me to break out on my neck (which I’m still working on clearing up!).  I don’t want to blame any particular oils because I’m still playing around with the best time of day and how to properly remove all the oil after the massage since my skin is ULTRA sensitive.  Plus, I really want to have some good photos/videos to show you my current routine.  I have been incorporating some lymphatic draining, meridian clearing, and traditional Japanese techniques.  Cannot wait to share!

I have recently purchased Sweet Almond Oil for some new body and face scrubs for Siren’s Song Bath Scrubs, and I have started incorporating this oil into my facial massage mix.  There are also a ton of other ways to use Almond Oil!

photo (6)

Why You Should Own This Shtuff:

****First and foremost, when incorporating a new oil or, really, any skin care product, PATCH TEST.  Once you start switching your body/face care over to more naturally derived ingredients, you will find that they are very highly concentrated and refined from plants and nuts.  Please use caution when switching to nut-based oils!

1.)  Rich in Vitamin E – Almond Oil is naturally rich in Vitamin E which can improve the elasticity of skin, reduce inflammation, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

2.) Deeply Moisturizing, Yet, Absorbs! – A lot of oils can leave your skin feeling “heavy” and “slick.”  Not with this oil!  Almond oils absorbs quickly and leaves behind less residue than other oils.

3.)  Nourishing for Damaged Hair – The Vitamins A, B and E are essential in protecting and smoothing out damaged hair.  Almond Oil is also light weight so it won’t weigh hair down if used on the ends of your hair.  FYI – Almond Oil is GREAT for defining those curls!


4.)  Natural Make Up Remover – Almond Oil is great for removing heavy make up (even eye make up).  Place some on a cotton ball and gently wipe make up away!

This oil also gets you that bang for your buck.  You only need to use a small amount each time and you can use this amidst almost every part of your beauty care routine.

I will be sharing my Lavender & Frankincense Almond Oil Face Serum soon once I’ve had a good go at it.  So far, my face feels replenished and supple after doing the facial massage with this oil.

Hope your week is starting off right.  See ya back here Wednesday for a new recipe and Friday for my interview with Kathy Young, owner and creator of Good Earth Essentials.  ❤


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