Sunday Funday: Back in Action!

Hey, world!  Hope your Sunday is beginning to look as beautiful as mine.  As I peak out the windows I see everything turning that bright, new green.  Yesterday I officially moved all of my plants onto our back porch.  Spring has sprung and I couldn’t be more happy about it.

The last two weeks have been filled with a much needed break from a lot of things I tend to get wrapped up in.  A little break from technology and hustling and bustling was in order.  It was a great way for Mike and I to plan for upcoming events and to unwind.

But, anyways, back to the blog!  I have so many updates for ya today and the rest of the week!

Before I took a “blogging break” I had mentioned Organic Olivia and her website that is home to a plethora of natural and traditional healing recipes and routines.  Last week I actually tried a simple detox to try and get my “gut” balanced and prepped for a juice cleanse I am currently doing (more on that later).  I started with a Sweet Potato Breakfast and Diatomaceous Supplement routine.  The following is borrowed from Organic Olivia’s blog post on a Traditional Chinese Medicinal fix for an imbalance in intestinal flora, reproductive system, and kidneys.

Sweet Potato

My favorite $1 breakfast

When I first met Lily, she told me: “Go home, drink ginger tea when you wake up, and eat 1 sweet potato for breakfast. Come back in a week.”

Later on, she explained that sweet potatoes are the ultimate healing food. They are shaped like a kidney, and in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the kidneys represent the entire reproductive system.

“Sweet” is the flavor that tonifies the Spleen; but not overly sweet foods like refined sugar or even high sugar fruit. This incredible potato’s muted sweetness gives you just the right amount, and will end sweet cravings later in the day. Cravings for sweets are always due to the ‘Spleen’ aka stomach being very weak. How well your stomach functions controls your entire immune system, because the stomach is responsible for transforming the nutrients from food into energy for the body and immune response.

The stomach is also the “mother of the Lung” in TCM, which means that if the stomach is weak, the Lung will be weak too. (“Lung” represents your entire respiratory system). Asthma is actually a result of a weak stomach failing to provide nourishment to the lungs, and thus is worsened by cold, damp, sugary foods. It’s the Lung’s responsibility to take the energy from food (that the stomach has transformed in the first place), and spread it all throughout the body.

So, I took to the grocery store and bought a bag of sweet potatoes to bake all week while getting ready for work.  I wanted to see if they could help start my detox and get my stomach feeling less “sour.”


Diatomaceous Earth

I did not stop there with my detox prep.  I also ordered some diatomaceous Earth which are small single-celled, powdered, fossilized diatoms that you can easily mix into a glass of water every morning.  These diatoms when seen under a microscope are a hollow-cylindrical shape which essentially “cut up” the exoskeleton of any parasites that may be lurking in your intestinal gut.  I am currently still learning about this myself, so please click the aforementioned link to read more about it!

photo 1 (9)

How did I mix these two to begin a whole body detox?  I thought you’d never ask!

Week 1 of Full Body Detox

Every morning I would get up to bake my sweet potato for 45 minutes at 425 degrees.  I didn’t even bother preheating the oven.  I would stick the tines of a fork in throughout the potato, place it on the rack, set it for 45 minutes and go about my routine.  With about 10 minutes left on the clock I would start water for my ginger tea.  Ginger is a great addition if you suffer from a fire belly like me.  It calms and soothes the lining of your stomach.  At this point in my day I have NOT eaten anything.  I will try to drink lukewarm water with lemon, but sometimes, I forget.  While waiting for the potato and tea, I would drink one pint sized glass of water mixed with diatomaceous Earth.  I started with a half teaspoon and have gradually worked my way up to a teaspoon and a half.  I follow this glass of water with another pint sized glass of water.

How do I feel?  The sweet potatoes were good, but I still found myself craving SUGAR at different parts of my day.  This is seriously an addiction to me and I am working on the mental aspect as well.  I definitely think I upped my diatomaceous Earth intake a bit too much too fast.  Thursday and Friday I was getting light headaches and my throat was scratchy.  One side effect of taking too much too fast is headaches and sore throat.  The headaches are due to the detoxing happening in your body.  If any parasites are truly dying within your body, they release toxins into your body which can produce “die off symptoms.”  I have lessened my dosage once again to start feeling right.

Although I feel the fatigue and a few headaches, I have not experienced ANY stomach issues for about 5 days straight which is a huge plus for me.  I am continuing to take the DE supplement, but I will be heading back to my normal breakfast routine with the addition of ginger tea.

Detoxing can really throw your body and mind into a loop.  I mentioned in one of my last posts that I am trying to get back into better routines that I have neglected a bit.  Once I start detoxing, my mind definitely clears and I get a better sense of my long term goals and the steps I need to take to keep my body healthy.  I will not reach my goals if my health is impeding each step I take.

This leads me to my current juice fast.  I am only in Day 2 of 3 but I feel pretty good so far!  I found a Pin on Pinterest on a 3 Day Blueprint Juice Cleanse that you can check out right here.  This is the perfect balance of fruits and vegetables to ensure you get the maximum vitamins and minerals each day.  I’ve previously posted on juice fasting and how to prep for it, and I have also posted my shortcomings.  I felt much more prepared and prepped for this one, and I feel this is contributing highly to my (current) success.

I’ll definitely be sharing more on this current juice cleanse after it is completed.

photo 2 (8)photo 3 (6)photo 4 (2)

Intention of the Week:

I haven’t shared my Intention for some time now!  This week I pulled Forgiveness.  This is a great one for me to put into the practice of detoxing my body and mind.  I am truly and honestly asking my physical body to forgive me and to heal by putting a detox plan into place.  From now on, I will be only be sharing some quotes on the pulled intention so that, you, too, may put this intention into practice in your own way.  ❤

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”
Mahatma Gandhi

“The truth is, unless you let go, unless you forgive yourself, unless you forgive the situation, unless you realize that the situation is over, you cannot move forward.”
Steve Maraboli,

“Forgiveness is not an occasional act, it is a constant attitude.”
Martin Luther King Jr.

There are so many other updates I would love to give you today like how the facial massage is going, how to create your own facial serums, what to make up for dinner this week, BUT…..I feel I have rambled enough for today!  I hope your week is warm, wonderful and productive!  I will leave you with my favorite recipe so far from the juice cleanse.  Much love!

photo 5

Pineapple Apple & Mint

  • 1/3 of a pineapple, peel removed
  • 4 apples, chopped
  • 1 bunch of mint

Throw it all in your juicer and devour!  This is a great juice to get your intestines moving.  Plus, it’s so sweet and fresh!


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