Sunday Funday: Intention of the Week and The Amazing Organic Olivia.

Happy Sunday!!!  And Happy Easter!

This last week was MY week to focus on CONTENTMENT.  Every day I got up to meditate for a minimum of 15 minutes.  I am getting back into my routine and I have been very patient with myself and my thoughts and keep thinking I will get stronger and better with my practice as I spend more time doing it.

I also got to a couple of my hot yoga classes and now my shoulders and arms feel like they were run over, but I felt SO strong and empowered to get back into THAT routine as well.

I have been spending a lot of time thinking about what serves me and what doesn’t during my Spring Break which has literally become a STRESS break.  I was going to say a mental break, but my mind has been racing (about good things!) this whole week!  It has become a goal to incorporate healing and/or yoga and/or cooking and/or body care into my professional life.  I don’t know EXACTLY how that is going to pan out in the future or what path will present itself to me, but I am excited about it because I am PASSIONATE about it.

Which brings me to share this lovely lady a friend of mine passed along to me on Instagram.  If you have not already heard of Organic Olivia, PLEASE CHECK HER OUT. My blog was really just a result of my very beginnings of a journey into self awareness, cleansing, and healing through more natural means, and Olivia takes this same concept to a whole different level!

Much like me, Olivia had been diagnosed with IBS and all kinds of other things were going on internally in her stomach area. Doctor after doctor was putting her on THIS med then THAT med, and she wasn’t feeling any better.  In fact, she was feeling WORSE!!!  Like Olivia, I, too, became so frustrated because I was telling the people around me AND doctors that I was IN PAIN, but nothing was changing.  I began to lose hope and I began to feel insecure because I thought others would think, “Oh, it’s just Renee complaining again and nothing’s wrong.”  I knew deep down I was suffering from something CHRONIC and that it would not go away on its own.

Still, to this day I am trying to tweak and fix different aspects of my routines and lifestyle to feel 100% but I can tell you I feel better than I did two years ago.

So yesterday was the Blood Moon (which I didn’t see?) and my cycle synced up with it (how appropriate).  Something I still suffer a great deal from is my period.  My cramps the first two days are so intense that I could literally lay in bed all day.  I started searching around Organic Olivia’s site and found some interesting info on how one’s menstrual cycle can be linked to their liver (as with most other things!).  I still feel I need a major detox with my liver to get everything feeling 100%, but I am working up to that.  Check out her video below and be amazed by how our body is so connected with everything around us and in us!

My intention of the week THIS week is UNDERSTANDING.

I plan on putting this into practice with myself and nothing else.  I still find “mental road blocks” when it comes to negative self talk and letting go of that bad habit.  This week I will be practicing more patience and understanding with myself and my thoughts.  There’s no need to elaborate further on this one 🙂

 photo (3)

I am also taking a hiatus from The Paisley Kitchen this week to really root down in my routines again.  Don’t worry though, next week I’ll be back with how the facial massage is working out and some yummy new recipes like Thai Curried Shrimp Soup!  yum!

Have a great holiday and I hope you check out Organic Olivia and pass her along to someone you know or take some info from her for yourself so you may all lead a more comfortable and happy life!


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