A Start in Facial Massage: How Facial Massage Releases Tension and Can Help Improve Elasticity.

My skin care routine is really important to me.  I have spent the last year or two trying to cut back on the amount of chemicals I put into my body and onto it.  Switching over to more naturally-derived products and routines has taken time, but I am very happy to have done it.

I am (usually) someone who wants results immediately.  But, that doesn’t mean I won’t wait out a great outcome or result.

I worry a little TOO much about my face and its appearance sometimes.  I know a lot of factors go into wrinkles, aging, and the overall elasticity of one’s face.  For example, we all know that not drinking enough water can take its toll on overall skin health.  The same goes for what you eat (or don’t eat): it can negatively or positively affect skin health.  I, do, begin to worry though when I have people tell me my face “is” or “has” changed over the last few months.  Not only does this make me self-conscious in a very vain way, but it makes me feel or ask myself, “Well what I am not doing now that I was a few months ago?  Or What can I be doing differently?”

Weight gain can show on a face and so can adverse heath problems.  So, I am getting back into my workout routine, cutting back on sugars and sodium, and I have recently started facial massage.

I had read about facial massage and face yoga a while back and there are some who claim it has reversed the effects of aging and others who say it simply doesn’t work.  One of the benefits I see in it, however, is the release of tension in small, minute muscles that I may not even notice day to day.

The following excerpt is taken from Art of Touch and it summarizes the benefits of daily facial massage:

“Facial massage is one kind of natural therapy that can give our face glow and tone. Just like any other type of massages, it gives a relaxing feeling, relieves tension and promotes good circulation of the blood to your face. It is also called an anti-aging treatment because it reduces wrinkles and tightens facial muscles. Facial massage also normalize the moisture balance of the skin, helps in reducing impurities and toxins and increase radiance.

Healthy glowing skin is one benefit of  a facial massage. Many of us wanted to have this type of skin. It doesn’t mean that it is always pimple and blemish free. It is a look that enhances natural beauty and glow. Though, some people tried to have lighter skin tone and concentrate on enhancing their beauty with make up, though make up does help, natural glowing and healthy skin is still the best. Regular facial massage can enhance the good circulation that can ensure natural healthy glowing skin.”

So, where to start????  Well, I began Youtubing Facial Massage techniques for chubby cheeks.  I am currently trying to slim down my jaw line and I found this really comprehensive video showing how to do it.  At the beginning of the video she talks about her oils, how she learned of facial massage, and other things, but in the last few minutes she does demonstrate her routine.

I am currently using a jojoba and avocado oil mix with frankincense and lavender essential oils.  I ALWAYS wash my face after applying these oils because avocado is a bit heavier and may cause me to break out if left on all night.  I am currently practicing this same routine morning and night every day.  Hopefully I can post some before and after pics if I’ve done it correctly.

Olga states in her comment section that results may take 4-6 months to see, but I think I can wait this one out.

Of course, the quickest way to slim puffy cheeks like I have is to lose weight which I am working on as well.


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