The Discipline of Self Love

Instead of the regular PowerHouse Purchase post today, I wanted to reblog something I came across on I have been posting Intentions of the Week for a few months now, but sometimes it can be hard to adhere to our positive intentions when we encounter frustrating situations. I am coming out of this winter in….let’s say, not the most favorable condition. But! It doesn’t mean I can’t change my situation and get back on the right track 🙂 Check out this inspirational post for more on this subject.

self love

At the start of Autumn last year, I was in the best shape of my life. I’d found just the right balance of workouts that made me feel strong, and utterly delicious food that my body was loving. Fast forward to November and I hurt my shoulder pretty badly at work, badly enough to take out anything but basic walking from my routine. I relaxed into the situation and welcomed the time to slow down. I “complained” about not being able to work out but I was secretly thanking my lucky stars for the time off. My body coasted along easily enough for awhile but eventually things just weren’t functioning as well. My digestion wasn’t as strong, my body was stiff, half my closet didn’t fit and the items that did were being reintroduced to a little thing called “muffin top”. Oy.

So I like to make a fuss about…

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