Natural Hair Detanglers and Sprays: You Don’t Have to Sacrifice Your Style by Going Au’Naturale.

I’ve recently made the natural hair care switch.  My hair and scalp seem to finally be neutralizing and stabilizing.  My hair isn’t as greasy or dry, and I am trying my hardest to go every other day washing it.  My shampoo and conditioner bars are working well to nourish and clean my hair sans chemicals.

So styling….

I have been using less heat and I have replaced my hair sprays and detangling sprays with more natural alternatives.  I started researching products I can use that don’t contain aerosols or harsh chemicals but still give me volume, shine, and style.  When I was in high school, I had a salt spray I used on my hair to get beachy waves.  Since it is ALMOST spring, I figured I would get back on this kick and let my hair air dry!

I found the Etsy shop Suny Island Blu which is home to an array of natural shampoos, conditioners, and styling products.  I picked up a Salt Spray and Detangling Spray to try and have been using them for about a week.

photo (27)

The detangling spray is great to use when I initially get out of the shower.  Some days my hair feels dry and spritzing some on my ends really helps get the comb or brush through.  It also adds a lot of shine.  The salt spray is great to accomplish that beachy waves look.  I spray it on liberally and let my hair air dry.

If you’re afraid to make the full swap, try switching out a few products at a time and let your hair and scalp adjust to each one.  Of course, I recommend Etsy to start your search and most sellers are quick to answer any questions or concerns you have.  Many will tell you exactly how to use their products and how to transition to more natural products!

Enjoy your Friday night and be sure to stop back on Sunday to read my first full interview with owner Ankit Goyal from Fresh From the Farm Juices!


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