Natural Hair Care: Switching Up Bottles to Bars.

So…I’ve taken the plunge.  I’ve swapped my bottled shampoos and conditioners for bars.  One reason being, less waste.  I don’t get a bathroom garbage can filled with empty plastic bottles when they’re finished.  Another reason being, most bottled shampoos contain ingredients that actually dry out and continue to add damage to our hair.  Switching it up and going to the bars eliminates a lot of these toxic and harmful ingredients AND they’re naturally hydrating, volumizing, and strengthening.

Where does one get said bars?  And, how do you know which ones to pick???  Well, first you have to get real honest with yourself.  My hair is fine, weak, dry and damaged.  Okay, well look for ingredients that support or calm.  Strengthen or give body.  Repair or add shine.  Of course, I first took to Etsy, and OF COURSE there are a million to choose from.

I went with a Lavender & Ylang Ylang mix with coconut base.  Lavender essential oil provides purification, deeply nourishes, moisturizes and aids in hair growth and circulation. Ylang Ylang essential oil promotes a thicker, more luxurious hair growth, and the scent is hypnotically beautiful. The coconut based surfactants make an extremely rich lather, and are combined with aloe, shea, vitamin E and other plant based ingredients that will literally improve the health of your hair.

This is taken from QUA Organics Etsy shop description of the shampoo bar I purchased.  I went with lavender because I need to support hydrating my dry hair, and the ylang ylang will help improve my hair growth after losing some.

photo 2 (54)

Can you dig the cool retro packaging?

There are shampoos out there scented with just about any essential oil you can imagine.

So, how’s it going you ask?  Well, I’ll give you a little update.

Before making the big switch I used an ACV rinse on my hair every day after using a tea tree oil shampoo.  My hair reacted in a crazy way.  Dry one day then oily the next.  When my bars arrived I was excited to get showering!  The lather is medium and at first, I thought, “There is no way this is going to get all worked through my hair.”  Focus on your roots and working your way out to the ends.  I then realized I didn’t NEED as much lather like I had thought before!  I began rinsing and my hair was so much smoother and I could run my fingers through my hair WHILE WET.  This is a huge improvement for me.  I also bought the same ingredients but in a conditioning bar.  Some people that make the switch say that conditioner is not needed, but because of how dry my hair is, I thought it should be a precaution to take.  My hair brushes out so easily after showering without added product!

After combing it out, I add a bit of argan oil to my ends.  My hair has been drying with nice natural waves as I’m trying not to blow dry anymore.

So….the transition…..

My scalp has been kind of oily and I have taken to pulling my hair back the last couple of days to avoid it looking too stringy.  I know it can take up to six weeks for my hair to make the transition, so I plan on just waiting it out!  I plan on posting some pics next week!

PROS:  Naturally occurring ingredients, less waste, hydrated hair, smells amazing

CONS:  Scalp may take a while to adjust, switches from oily to dry and back again, hair does not take to curling iron as well

I’ve just purchased natural sea salt spray to start adding some beachy-waves textures to my air-drying hair.

photo 1 (46)

Shampoo and conditioner bars are a great way to eliminate toxins we encounter everyday AND we eliminate toxins we are just flushing down the drain.  It makes me feel good knowing I’m doing something good for my body AND my environment.  Check out Etsy for a million options and keep following along with me to see pictures soon!  Happy Friday!


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