PowerHouse Purchase: Vitamin Regimen.

Someone asked me the other day what vitamins I have been taking.  The list is a little lengthy, and I sometimes get a bit shy talking vitamins.  Everyone has their own opinion on them and I am in no position to tell someone which vitamins are good, better or the best.  Or…if they even work.

I have read quite a few articles over the past year with people opposed to taking vitamins because A) they feel vitamins are just “fillers” and/or B) if a person consumes colorful, organic produce daily they will technically get all of the vitamins and minerals needed.

So, let’s be real for a second.  I try to eat AS MUCH produce as I can daily but I still am probably not consuming enough with my current diet.  Juicing is a great way to get a lot of nutritional value out of your produce, but I do not have the money to juice daily for the rest of my life (just yet!).  And, sometimes with a busy schedule, it can be hard to prepare fresh and organic produce for most meals.  These all sound like “excuses” but I am thinking real world!  So, I do supplement my diet with vitamins and minerals that are specific to my needs and lifestyle.  I like to think of taking them as a way to (for the time being) “fill in the gaps” in my current diet.  Plus, boosting my intake of certain vitamins has been a way to go medicine free over the last half of a year.

Below you get to see the inside of my medicine cabinet.  I will list the supplement, what I have read about it and how it helps me specifically.  Just a quick show and tell!  Remember, I am no doctor and I am only sharing what I have learned myself 😉

This whole post is open to discussion.  If you feel you have some suggestions or thoughts on anything posted, please feel free to add to the comment section!

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Starting Top Left:

Biotin — Biotin is said to help promote healthy hair, skin and nails.  It is a water soluable B vitamin and is imperative to cell growth and the metabolism of fats.  I started taking Biotin a few years back but upped my dose this year to help with my hair growth.

CAL – MAG – Zinc — Calcium is, of course, good for bone growth and the Magnesium helps your body absorb the Calcium more efficiently.  Zinc is, I think, not a necessity for myself but it happened to be a part of this mix.

Selenium — Selenium provides antioxidant support and helps protect against free radical damage.  I take this one to help with my hair as well.

Milk Thistle — This one promotes normal metabolic activity within the liver which is our body’s best filtration system.  Think of it as helping your body’s pollution control center work at it’s maximum capacity.  I take this one to support my liver’s functioning and keep me cleaned out.

Acid Relief with Enzymes — Calcium Carbonate can be used to soothe indigestion and heart burn on occasion.  But, it can slow normal digestion down.  Adding enzymes keeps digestion normal and helps relieve occasional discomfort.  I take this one when I get my “fire belly.”

Potassium — Potassium regulates the balance of fluids in our bodies including blood.  It’s great for muscles and balancing water within the body.

Slippery Elm — Often known as Red Elm, this plant has been used during some of the “leanest” times in our country’s history in gruels.  It has been used in herbal medicines for a long time as well.  I take this one to support healthy acid production in my belly and to promote good digestion.

Acidophilus — Probiotics to help with healthy digestion.

More Magnesium — I take a lot of magnesium to keep my migraines at bay.  It has worked thus far!

Bladderwrack — This is a seaweed that balances thyroid function.  It is said to help with weight loss.

I take these daily to help with my frequent migraines and stomach issues.  Having a routine and specific times of the day to take your vitamins helps with consistency.  Everyone’s medicine cabinet should look differently because we each have our own diverse needs.

Even if people don’t fully buy into the vitamin usage, I would much rather have a “vitamin” cabinet as opposed to a “medicine” cabinet.  It’s all about prevention for me.

Anything you would recommend those who are looking for a healthier tummy?  What could we find in YOUR cabinet?  Feel free to comment below!

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