Natural Hair Care and Teeth Whitening with Turmeric Update.

Happy Friday!  Today is my second “snow” day which really has just been “it’s too frickin cold to send kids to school” day.  I must admit, this weather is making me lazy.  I slunk out in the frigid weather ONCE in the last three days to go to yoga let alone leave my house at all.  That was enough cold for me.

Yesterday I played around in the kitchen a lot though and made up some awesomely delicious, soft, chewy sugar cookies made with oat flour and coconut sugar.  Recipe will be coming soon!  Still, I feel like this weather is making me very…unproductive.  However, it’s been relaxing!  I’ve been detoxing and if I don’t take the time to prep right…I feel sluggish and tired.  Yesterday ended my juicing and smoothie fast and I whipped up a home made curry with tofu.  Another recipe that will be up soon!

I have been thinking a lot about my goals, intentions, and motives lately with my Instagram #honestychallenge and what really drives me.  I’ve been thinking about how my actions may not always align with my intentions.  It’s time to start fine-tuning each area of my life to find peace and fulfillment.  This blog has really helped me focus on my long term goals and overall well-being.  The Paisley Kitchen is just as much of a cathartic way for me to express my feelings during this “self improvement” journey as it is a mash-up of recipes, mindfulness, and entertainment for others.  It continues to open up new doors for me.

Which leads me to a COOL announcement:  The Paisley Kitchen will be traveling to a few locations to meet up with people who share a similar mindset: treating both your mind and body with love and kindness.  These folks are experts in the fields of farming, natural skin care, juicing, and more.  I am very excited to share more information on that with you in the up and coming weeks!

So, about that natural beauty regimen I’ve been talkin’ bout.  It is one of my goals by the end of 2015 to switch at least 90% of my beauty routine to natural alternatives.  I feel I’m at about 70% currently, and some of the changes were scary at first.  How do I switch out my deodorant and not smell like a patchouli drenched hippie?  or How do I still wear make up to work??  I used to think in this closeminded way.  One large chunk of my beauty routine goes to my hair care.  And the thought of switching this has terrified me…….

A few months ago I started noticing my hair was falling out.  No, it wasn’t just a change in texture…my drain was becoming legitimately clogged about every 2-3 days.  I cut out some medications which lead to me cutting out ALL medications that could possibly have hair loss as a side effect.  It has been about 7 months now, and my hair is improving greatly.  I have waited to try going natural with my hair after I felt my scalp and hair were returning to normal.  So, I decided to take the plunge after reading up on letting go of bottled shampoos and conditioners.  I still am scared and not sure what will happen, but I invite you along on this journey with me!  Eeep!

Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse:

I read that before switching to natural shampoo and conditioner bars it is good to do an ACV rinse.  The idea is that the ACV cuts out all the junk that has accumulated on your scalp and hair from styling products to the synthetics found in many commercial bottled shampoos and conditioners.  I was skeptical:  Won’t my hair smell like a salad?  Well, I found a girl who documented her experience and she had a GREAT recipe that included essential oils to help keep your hair smelling fresh.  The recipe is listed below.

I have done the rinse after shampooing with a sulfate-free shampoo every day this week.  That means….NO CONDITIONER.  My hair is dry and brittle and the thought of skipping out on my conditioner scared the crap outta me.  But, I read that using a light oil for the ends of your hair is great for detangling and smoothing out your hair.  I used a few drops of argan oil and avocado oil.  Worked like a charm!

This is the trick though:  You are not supposed to wash your hair every day.  But, doing this rinse can make your scalp react in all crazy ways like going really dry but then being really oily the next day.  My scalp decided to go really oily.  Wednesday morning rolled around and I had done the rinse Tuesday…I felt I HAD to wash my hair because of how it looked.  The initial switch can take 1 week to 6 weeks for your scalp to readjust.

To help out with the oil production, it is suggested that you put a light comb through your hair to help redistribute the oils.  Next week I hope to skip days in between.

My hair has DEFINITELY been more voluminous, and I haven’t used any styling products.  No more hair spray!  Still trying to figure out what I will do to replace that.  Below is the ACV rinse that I used post-shampooing.  I was hoping to have already received my shampoo and conditioner bars and started using those, but I will give you an update next week!

ACV Rinse:

  • 1 tablespoon of ACV to every 1 cup of water
  • about 10 drops of essential oils.  I used Lavender and Spearmint.
Keep the rinse out of a lot of light.

Keep the rinse out of a lot of light.

In the jar I have about 2 cups of water and 2-3 tablespoons of ACV.  I keep it next to the shower, pour it over my scalp, and rub it in with my finger tips.  I try to let it sit for about 1-2 minutes while soaping up.  This mix will keep for a while, and you will know it’s time to replace it if it gets cloudy.


I also posted a pic of my Turmeric Teeth Whitening recipe the other day.  I have used the mix daily this week, and I really do believe it worked!!!  Just make sure you keep a wet towel handy….

Before and After.  It's really hard to get the same lighting!

Before and After. It’s really hard to get the same lighting!

Again, thanks for following along with me!  I hope everyone finds something of use from The Paisley Kitchen.  I can’t wait to see what is to come.


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