Sunday Funday: Intention of the Week, Valentine’s Day Self Love, and Recap.

Happy Sunday!  I hope everyone has had an AMAZING weekend and a FANTASTIC Valentine’s Day if you do the whole shabang.  Recap of the week:  A super easy Spiced Red Lentil Soup recipe that you’ll want to keep on hand for work lunches made with this week’s PowerHouse Purchase, Coconut Milk.  It’s basically my new obsession.


Valentine’s Day used to anger me.  Maybe it was because I was mostly miserable and alone, but I really think it was the whole marketing-shove-it-in-your-face-ness “love must be like this” thing that really got me.  Anything in the colors red, pink, and white would turn my stomach.  “Ugh, $40plus for flowers to be DELIVERED by a stranger to my door to show affection?”  Uh ugh.  “Plastic containers filled with sub par chocolate to show me you care?”  No no.  I just about gave up on the whole thing and just about avoided every store ever from mid-January to mid-February, but then I realized it didn’t have to be like that.

Valentine’s Day, yes, in our capitalist society is about sales, courtship, and the celebration of monogamous relationships around the globe, but it also can just be a day to share love with friends, family, and yourself.  Two years ago I spent the evening pampering myself and feeling good for the sake of feeling good about myself.  Of course, it can be a sweet day to spend with your babe and show them how much you appreciate them, too.  Here’s five things to do NEXT year to celebrate the love you have for YOU.

1.)  Save up and go on a shopping spree.  If you’re like me, you avoid shopping for new clothes like the plague.  It’s partly a money thing and it’s partly a time thing, but it’s mainly a mental thing.  I’m quick to get down on myself if things aren’t fitting how I want them to fit.  So, take a few months to save up some mad cash for Valentine’s Day and shop til you drop.  Buy those MK boots you’ve been eyeing up.  Just try to ignore all the sappy V-day decor…..

2.)  SPA DAY!  Go by yourself or with your best friend.  Get a massage.  Get a pedicure.  Go to a reiki healer.  Get acupuncture done.  Or, if you’re in Turkey, get a Turkish Bath (hamam…not for the faint of heart).

3.)  Bake an awesome, indulgent dinner for yourself or friends.  Invite friends over for a tea party and get all dolled up or have an old school sleepover.  With wine.  Lots of wine.  AND ICE CREAM.

4.)  Take a weekend trip to a place you’ve never been.  Sometimes traveling alone is a great experience for growth, realization, and relaxation.  No one else is on your clock but you!

5.)  Do whatever the F**K you want.  Because, really, why let society decide?  Get all dolled up at home in some sexy lingerie eating ice cream and binge watching Californication because, let’s admit, David Duchovny is a sexual beast in that show.  Check out for an inside look at vintage lingerie available for purchase from Caligramme in Pittsburgh to get sexy at home.

Honestly…just take some time to appreciate you and the ones you care for because that’s what really matters in the end.


Speaking of Honesty, I pulled HONESTY for my Weekly Intention for this up and coming one.  Last week I had ENTHUSIASM and I feel I applied it every day.  Just having general feelings of excitement of short-term things and long-term things increases my happiness.  It’s things to look forward to and it brings about a lot more enjoyment.

photo (22)

This week is actually kind of a tough one for me because truths and non-truths are SO blurred for me.  I like to think I live honestly and speak truthfully, but sometimes I just…can’t.  This is actually what one of the Five Yamas speaks to in Yogic ideology and philosophy.  It is called Satya, or truth and non-lying.  There is a saying that speaks to speaking truthfully, “Speak only the pleasant truths…Do not lie even if it pleases the ears.”  This kinda means speak truthfully and if the truth could cause harm (the principle of Ahimsa) then it’s best to say nothing at all:  “If you don’t have kind words to say, say nothing at all.”  We all learn this at a young age.

But, what if you lie about how you’re doing?  Or, you lie to cut a conversation you don’t really care to be in short?  Or, what if you lie to protect someone’s feelings?  What if you just weren’t listening to someone talk and you have to just agree or blindly make remarks?  Are these all being dishonest?  This was a conversation that came up during my stay in California at Pleasant Valley Sanctuary and Satya can be very confusing.  I think if you are mindful before speaking, it may save you some unnecessary hardship and your intuition will gently guide you to the best choice:  speak freely or be silent.

What Does it Mean to Me??:

Honesty, to me, means being knowledgeable, accountable, and noticing our thoughts, actions, and words and how they ultimately affect us (and others) in the future.  There’s the infamous Mark Twain quote, “If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything,” which really speaks to how ingrained a lie becomes into our future selves.  If you are upfront and honest with your words and actions from the get-go, there is no anxiety or back peddling in the future.  Honesty is a HUGE HUGE HUGE part of my relationships just because of past scenarios, but…to be cliche…actions speak louder than words.

How I Will Apply It:

This week I wanted to do something a bit different.  A challenge if you will.  I wanted to create a time frame in which ANYONE can share ANYTHING HONESTLY with ANYONE or EVERYONE.  I have created a social media challenge (is that what I should call it??) on Instagram and on here if possible.  Beginning tomorrow and going until Friday, I will be posting a picture a day and an accompanying honest statement about myself.  Some of these statements may not be new information or shocking information to those I know, but on the other hand, some may be surprising.  I invite anyone who would like to participate to do the same!  This is great way to clear up any intentions with yourself or others.  I am going to take the opportunity to clear intentions and maybe even expose some of my true motives to myself.  Go to Instagram and post away!  Be sure to tag #thepaisleykitchen #honestychallenge #honestyhour and #daretobehonest in your posts and pictures.  Post a picture a day or post one picture with 5 honest statements about yourself, goals, relationships, love, ANYTHING!  

I hope everyone has an amazing week and, if you’re feeling up to it, take part in the #honestychallenge!


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