PowerHouse Purchase: Water Diffuser.

Monday, Monday, Monday….I wish everyone just had Mondays off all the time.  Today I was very EFFICIENT with my testing at school and I currently have multiple chores going at once…maybe I CAN handle life after all.

I have been slacking on updating the blog though, and this week I’m striving to complete updates on all the scheduled days:  Monday, Wednesday, Friday, AND SUNDAY.  Weeeee!  Here goes nothing!


So I’ve stated before that I’m REALLY bad at drinking water.  Like, REALLY bad.  I can seriously go until about 3 o’clock in the afternoon and realize, “Hey, I’ve only had a cup of tea today….I think my body’s shutting down.”  And currently, I am having stomach issues again.  I DO NOT want to take any meds as I’ve now been medicine free for a solid SIX MONTHS!!!!  I am so happy.  Upping my water intake has seriously improved my migraine situation and has seemed to help my stomach issues (until recently).  How did I do it you non-water-drinkers-and-haters ask?  Well, I schedule my drinking times, for one.  I seriously will get up in the morning, have 1-2 glasses of water (forcing myself to do it might I add), and make it a point to fill my water bottle during my prep period at work.  I shoot to be out of water by lunch, but I don’t achieve this every time.  When I get home from work, I definitely have a lull in my water consumption.  Wanna know what else has helped?  A water diffuser.

Why You Should Own This Thang:

1.)  Diffusing your own fruit waters can cut down on unnecessary sugars consumed with sodas and other flavored drinks.  I’m not bashing any of you pop drinkers at all with this statement.  I LOVE me some Vanilla Coke every once in a while as a treat.  But, consuming soda and even diet soda triggers cravings for MORE sugar in your body.  Preparing your own flavored waters can soothe that sweet tooth craving and it’s naturally hydrating and delicious!

2.)  Diffused water keeps you coming back for more!  It’s not that I don’t like drinking water, I just often forget.  But, if I’ve got a mix going in the diffuser, I want to finish my glass and have another.  Having this item has significantly altered the amount of water I drink daily.

3.)  You are in control.  You control your flavors, the amount of sweetness, and ultimately, your sweet drink.  Try the two mixes below!

Watermelon Mint:  Cut up watermelon pieces and place them in your diffuser.  Wiggle some mint leaves in between each piece.  Let the water sit for about an hour to really get the flavors going.  This one is sweet and refreshing!

Cucumber Lime:  Slice some cucumber and lime and place them in the diffuser.  This one is more mild in flavor, but still carries a hint of tartness.  Great for reducing inflammation as well due to the cucumber 😉

You can easily pick one of these up on Amazon and sometimes your grocer may carry them in the seasonal section.

Have a wonderful Monday and rest of your week!

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