Sunday Funday: Intention of the Week, POWER Yoga Moves, and Bangin’ Breakfast Eggs.

Happy Sunday, folks!  It is snowing like a BLEEPER out there right now here in Pittsburgh.  Happy I got up early and did my errands and got FOOD.  I would be a very unhappy girl right now if I didn’t get that outta the way and had to eat only oyster crackers today.

This morning I got up and picked my newest intention of the week.  Before I picked, I mindfully thought about the recent events in my life and what I felt I could improve or what I could provide for myself.  I thought, “How can I bring more peace to my life?”  I feel a little “out of control” as of lately, not in a bad way, just like I am juggling a lot.  I have this thing where if I have down time I feel like I’m missing out or not being productive enough (this is something I’m supposed to be working on for 2015, actually).  What I end up doing then is taking on many different activities and responsibilities all at one time.  I then feel overwhelmed at times and can get nasty with myself and others.  Honestly, I don’t know how I kept sane with the schedule I had my last two years of high school:  school, musical practice or other school activity, 2 jobs, and hang time with friends/family.  I must have been crazier than I am now.

So, while thinking on that question, “How can I bring more peace to my life?” I fished around in my Intention Bowl.  I pulled EFFICIENCY.


Efficiency is doing better what is already being done. — Peter F. Drucker

photo 3 (29)

What Does it Mean to Me??:

Efficiency to me means being organized, “on the ball,” productive, and doing things well in the simplest form of getting them done.  This was a weird one for me, and at first, I started looking up quotes and there are many that relate to work, management and business.  Another one I came across was “Efficiency is intelligent laziness.”  I don’t like equating being efficient with being lazy, but I get what they’re saying.  If you are working on ANYTHING whether it’s your work or a project, if you are working “efficiently” you are honestly being mindful in your work and doing it in the best way possible.  If you had a paper to write you KNOW the most efficient AND effective way to write your paper is to do bits at a time over a length of time to ensure you are doing it properly.  We all also KNOW that if you are doing that same paper the night before and don’t get any sleep, you’re not going about it efficiently and most likely a grade would reflect it.

I started applying this word, then, to my current involvement at school and with projects I have going on outside of school.  To be efficient in any and all of these, I need to become more organized and rigid with a schedule.  Leave work things at work and home things at home.  This, I believe will then reflect in my peace of mind and my overall quality of work and life!

How I Will Apply It:

This week I will give myself a rather rigid schedule to stick to and “divvy” out my time to each thing I have going on.  I will be making use of all of my time this way because I know what’s coming next.  Hopefully, I will finally feel “ahead of the game” by the end of this week by putting in the effort to being more efficient in my work and projects.


Last week I had POWER.  A few things went down last week that had me reflecting on my personal power and strength.  I am emotional, and I still feel like I let my feelings get the better of me.  However, I exercised my POWER to greet some unfavorable emotions this week but then breathe through them, letting them go.  Below are some great yoga moves, stretches, and breathing techniques you can drop into any time you feel like you need your POWER to show up and help you move through whatever scenario.

Breath of Fire (Skull Shining Breath):

This breathing technique is great for improving circulation, focusing your energy on an intention, clearing your mind of unwanted thoughts, and a bunch of other great stuff.  After 2-3 rounds of this breath, you will be feeling energized and almost light headed.  When I do it, I focus my inhalations into my heart.  Here’s how to do it:

  1. Find a comfortable seat sitting upright but relaxed.  Inhale and exhale through your nose smoothly 3-5 times at your own pace.  On your last inhalation, breathe deeply into your chest.
  2. Focus your exhalation to your nostrils and breathe out quickly through your nose as if you’re blowing into a tissue (you might snot, just sayin’).
  3. Your inhalation is natural (a rebound) and not forced.
  4. Do 20-25 of these quick little exhalations.  You can keep your hand lightly on your belly to feel your abs pumping the breath in and out.
  5. Breathe normally for 3-5 breaths and repeat this 2-3 more times.

I claim no rights to this photo. See how the tummy is pumping? Here is a great video demonstration as well.

Sun Salutations:

Sun Sals are a great combination of basic yogic poses that help build heat and power.  You may flow through them quickly or spend extended time in each position….it is YOUR practice.  Hold plank or bring one leg off of your mat to increase strength.

Complete as many rounds as you would like of your Sun Sals to quickly energize, focus, and regain peace in your day.  Add any variations to the poses that help you find your piece and power within.


I’m, like, obsessed with eggs.  I’m not sure I could go completely “vegan” because I love them so much.  I was always afraid to try “dippy” eggs because the goopy yolk always freaked me out.  But, my boyfriend has now converted me.  I’ve actually had Sunny Side Eggs for breakfast for the past two days :).  Below is an amazing way to prepare these eggs and keep you feeling full for your morning and some of your afternoon.

Bangin’ Dippy Eggs with Avocado:

What You Will Need:

  • 2-4 eggs (depending on how many are eating!)
  • slice of butter
  • 2-4 slices of sprouted grain bread, toasted
  • 1 avocado
  • pepper, dill, and salt to taste
  • hot sauce (optional)

What You Will Need To Do:

  1. Toast your bread.  I love sprouted bread because it is packed full of nutrients.  I buy the Ezekiel Sesame brand.  It can be found in the REFRIGERATED section of your health foods section of your grocer’s.
  2. Heat the butter in a pan on medium heat until the butter bubbles a bit.
  3. Crack your eggs and into the butter.
  4. Sprinkle your pepper, dill, and salt onto the tops of your eggs.
  5. Slice half an avocado onto each plate.
  6. Cook the eggs until the clear part on top turns to white as well.
  7. Scoop them onto your bread and DEVOUR!  I splash a bit of hot sauce on mine!

There is just something about the avocado and egg mix that I love.  Avocados provide you with good fats, eggs give you some protein, and the bread is full of minerals and vitamins.  I accidentally ate three of these yesterday.  OOPS.

photo 2 (43)

I hope your week is lovely and you get some snow days 😉


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