Sunday Funday (and My Birthday!): Intention of The Week and Why January is Awesome!

Happy Sunday!  And Happy Birthday to ME!  hehe….28.  Ugh!  For some reason this number feels old.  With another year under my belt and feeling that “old-er-ness” set in, there also comes great reflection and gained wisdom and experience.

The past two years in my life have been trans-formative to say the least, but it doesn’t mean my journey is over.  I want to continue to grow and share my experiences with others with the hope that they, too, may spark their own transformational journey within.

January is a powerful month.  Not only does it contain the official first day of the new year, it promises resolution, growth, and change.  Capricorns, those natural born leaders, call January “theirs” and it makes sense that those character traits associated with their sign link up with the powerful month of January.  January also holds important days of remembrance such as Martin Luther King, Jr. day.  What an inspirational Capricorn he was!  January brings change and it brings awareness.

It is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month RIGHT NOW.  Slavery takes many forms and, unfortunately, those effected by it often feel there is no means of escape.  There are a TON of associations, non-profits, and businesses focused on freeing those touched by slavery especially in the sense of sex slavery.  Every year, about 2 million children are exploited around the world in human trafficking.  Women and young girls make up 98% of the effected number, and, on average, girls are 14 years old when they enter this dark world often unseen or spoken of.  They are often coerced into this with promises of fake jobs which they need to help support their families.  To end this cycle, poverty and the legal system need to be addressed.  I feel that more people need to talk about the crimes committed in regards to trafficking for it to stop.  I think it’s wonderful that the month of January can bring awareness to the issues so people can begin to stop it.  Sex crimes and rape are often kept hush hush, but with more people talking, we can bring change to the lives of millions and reduce the risk for millions more.

A few weeks ago, my friend Bri sent me a link to the International Princess Project.  This organization is great for a number of reasons.  One, they bring awareness to the issue of human trafficking.  Two, the provide skill training and jobs to women who have been affected by sex slavery.  When you purchase items from them, 100% of your purchase is re-invested into the company to continue to grow and help more and more women.

Help put a stop to this violation of human rights by reading more.  Get informed.

International Princess Project

Equality Now

photo (13)

My Deepika Punjammies from IPP!

photo 1 (26)


Today is my birthday as I’ve mentioned before!  My original plan was to have a tea party and get all dolled up, and things changed very last minute.  I had an AMAZING weekend with close friends and my guy.  Shoutout to Carly for being my very best friend 🙂 and to Shannon for the cutest little gifts!  My coworker, Rebecca, even got me the AWESOMEST hooded chunky scarf (picture to come in the future) and hand made vase.

Living Doll.  I think it's time I start cosplaying. ;)

Living Doll. I think it’s time I start cosplaying. 😉

Last week I had RESILIENCE which was perfect as crazy things happened to our apartment AGAIN, and I had an extremely busy week at work.  I thought of my word EVERY DAY and reminded myself that this is ALL temporary and I CAN GET THROUGH IT.  I was excited to pick my #intention of the week today on my bday, and I was pleasantly surprised:


photo 4 (26)

What Does it Mean to Me??:

I knew EXACTLY how to apply this one!  And I thought it was very coincedental that it had little balloons 😉  Humor is SO important to me.  It is release.  It is carefree.  It connects.  Humor also can help reduce stress and helps you take life a little less serious.  Humor is much needed in relationships and can help you get through your day.

How I Will Apply It:

I kinda think I’m funny, but I can get VERY worked up, emotional, and stressed.  I don’t interpret this to mean I need to work on my humor, but to “laugh things off.”  Often times I can get caught up in the moodiest of moods because I let others and other things change my happiness.  I need to work on letting things roll off.  This week as our bedroom ceiling was leaking and caving in, I thought to myself, it is seriously laughable that it’s just one thing after another.  That is just how life works!  There is ALWAYS SOMETHING.  So, I’m going to work on letting things roll off this week and laughing more at those moments of stress.

I hope you have the most AMAZING Sunday and if you are lucky enough to have MLK day off from work, RELAX and reflect on why we have that day.  Peace!


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