PowerHouse Purchase: Low Sodium Veggie Broth.

Whether you’re cutting down on your sodium intake, increasing the amount of crockpot meals for easier dinners, or creating vegetarian and/or vegan-based meals, it is always useful to keep low sodium veggie broth around.

So, what’s the difference between stock and broth?  Broth is seasoned while stock is not.  Having either one of these veggie based stocks or broth handy can make meal prep easier and tastier!

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The first stages of Quinoa  Chili with Veggie Broth.

The first stages of Quinoa Chili with Veggie Broth.

Why You Should Own This Shtuff:

1.)  You can substitute water with broth to prepare certain grains.  I usually do a cup quinoa and a cup of veggie broth to slightly flavor my grain.  It cooks down just like water and I can throw both into a cast iron pan for 30 minutes, and VOILA!  Light, fluffy, lightly flavored quinoa!

2.)  Veggie broths can substitute meat-based broths in soups to create a vegan option.  Many vegetarian recipes still call for chicken stock but swapping it with veggie can alter the recipe to become a vegan meal instead.  Although swapping one for the other may change the taste a bit, it’s nothing a little extra herbies or seasonings can’t fix!

3.)  If preparing your own, Veggie Broth need not be skimmed of fat.  For real, do I have to continue?  Meat-based broths when homemade take a very long time AND you need to skim away fat that appears at the top.  No thanks.  Making your own veggie broth is quite simple and not very time consuming.  Check out this AWESOME homemade recipe at Oh My Veggies! to see how collecting your vegetable scraps, freezing them, and then combining them for a broth is a cost effective and creative way to prepare your very own veggie broth.  I definitely want to try this!

Next time you’re thinking soup this winter, try swapping out your meat broths for a veggie one or try making your own!  Comment below if you try the above recipes or have one of your own.

Check back Wednesday for a yummy QUINOA stuffed pepper recipe 🙂


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