Sunday Funday: Goal Setting with Intention, Angel Cards, and Recap.

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Working my first ever full time teaching job in Erie three years ago induced a lot of different feelings, emotions, and stresses.  You work your ass off for four years to feel prepared in the classroom, then you get there, and you feel totally lost.  I felt like I was blindsided by the amount of time you put into just paperwork OUTSIDE of the classroom and those preps you get, are often used for meetings and more paperwork.  I never felt like I could catch up.  I would create little checklists and check everything off by the end of the day only to have added double the items to the growing list.

Eventually, you find your momentum, your groove and everything becomes a bit easier.  Luckily for me I worked with some of the most amazingly dedicated staff members who took me in and helped me out.  Our principal was a very interesting woman, and I have to attribute some of my progress as a teacher to her.

One thing I loved about visiting my principal’s office was a little homemade clay dish sitting on the very edge of her desk.  Inside were strips of paper with one word and an angel.  They were called Angel Cards.  Each card had a word for you to apply to an upcoming task, obstacle, or give your goals (short or long) some intention and focus.  I would go into her office, pull a card, and we would discuss how it could be applied to current situations, professionally or personally.

I’ve been able to track these cards down and I had no idea that there is an entire book that goes along with the little box of 72 Angel Cards.  People use them for ALL different reasons both spiritually and otherwise.  I don’t consider myself the most religious person anymore but it doesn’t mean I am not a spiritual being.  Below is the overview of general use for the cards and how to apply them to your life:

“The ANGEL Cards were developed as part of a board game created for the exploration of consciousness by Joy Drake and Kathy Tyler while living at the Findhorn Foundation.  They provide key words that help you focus on particular aspects of your inner life.  The more you think about the quality reflected by the word on a card, the more you will find this quality echoing in your life…We call them ANGEL Cards because they represent pure essences.  Meditating on them brings support to help you overcome obstacles and gain greater understanding of your inner self.  You can pick a card at the beginning of a new cycle or a new venture; you can pick one with a particular task in mind, an obstacle to overcome, or simply to give you a direction to focus on for a certain period of time.  The clearer your aim and the more serious your approach, the more powerful your choice of cards will be.”

photo 1 (12)

So basically, these cards are to be used with meditative focus and intent.  The companion book (which I did not purchase) has expanded explanations on each word and quotes to also consider when pulling certain cards.

I decided I would use the cards weekly on Sundays and that would be a general focus for the week.  A little reminder to focus on positivity in my relationships, work experience, and my journey within.  Each of the cards can be interpreted a number of ways, so I will apply it how I initially respond to it.

photo 2 (23)photo 3 (9)

I have been wanting to work on my meditation this year and I feel these cards will help me focus on positive growth and give me intentions to manifest in my meditative thoughts.  So, I want to share my journey with these cards and intentions with you every Sunday, and here is my first pull.


photo 4 (21)

What Does it Mean to Me??:

Keeping away from all evil deeds, cultivation of life by doing good deeds and purification of mind from mental impurities.” — Buddha

Solitude is the place of purification.” Martin Buber

I wanted a few quotes to think on while really attuning myself to this word.  When I first read the Buddha’s quote, I think of making the right choices and using good judgment.  Any action can be considered “evil” if it is done with mal-intent.  Or, if it causes harm to oneself or another.  Purifying your mind, body, and soul with using good judgement is how I interpret that one.

The second quote by Martin Buber, a 20th century philosopher, resonates with me in that find peace and solace and clearing one’s mind leads to purification.  This could be 10 minutes a day where you are alone and work to relax your mind, clear your thoughts.

I feel purification ultimately leads to “peace of mind” and contentment.

I also internalize this word in the physical aspect as well.  Eating clean and working out would be ways to, literally, purify your body.  If your body is healthy and you have no physical ailments like a sickness, your mind will not be preoccupied with thoughts of hurt or anguish.

How I Will Apply It:

I am going to apply this card both mentally and physically.  I plan on meditating in solitude for at least 20 minutes every day.  My intention while doing so will be to clear negative thoughts and focus on a positive mantra.  Secondly, I will not touch alcohol this week and eat as vegetarian/vegan as possible this week.


I feel these cards are a great way to set goals with true and honest intention.  These don’t necessarily need to be seen as spiritually derived, but they can be seen as a way to give your mind focus and direction.  Because, honestly, what’s a goal without a plan, right?


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