Happy Holidays!: Last Minute Foodie Gift Ideas for The Big Day.

Happy Holidays everyone!  No recipe today, but instead some ideas on last minute gift ideas for the foodie in your life.  I went to Trader Joe’s this morning and thought as I perused the aisles with no shopping list today, “Hmmm I wish I had a foodie to buy for because I would go crazy on a gift basket right now.”  My family tends to stick to their…..favorites, would be a nice way of putting it.  So, instead I put my ideas down for you today!  These gift basket ideas would be perfect for your New Year’s Eve host or hostess, too!

I've got all my presents wrapped already and I LOVE my recycled wrapping paper this year!

I’ve got all my presents wrapped already and I LOVE my recycled wrapping paper this year!

Gift Baskets for the Foodies:

1.)  A Breakfast Basket:  Trader Joe’s has an awesome section of baked goods from flavored English Muffins to Bagels.  Grab an empty basket and get a few sleeves of muffins or bagels, a cannister of freshly ground coffee and perhaps a yummy jam.  My grandparents WOULD LOVE THIS.

2.)  A Smoothie Basket:  Who doesn’t love to get fresh fruit???  Pair a few containers or pieces of fruit with some cartons of coconut water or aloe juice for the smoothie maker.  Throw in a bag of nuts for them to whip up in the blender along with the fruits and juices!  If you buy the cartons, there is no need to refrigerate until AFTER they’re opened.

3.)  A Snack Basket:  OMG.  Trader Joe’s has some really unique and delicious popcorn and chip flavors.  Pick three to four bags for that movie snacker you know!

4.)  Build-Your-Own-Trail-Mix Basket:  One thing I love about Trader Joe’s is that they have an awesome selection of raw and roasted nuts and dried fruit pieces.  Pick a few bags of these prepackaged nuts and berries and throw in a container of granola.  Voila!  You can give this gift to any trail mix lover, but they can control what goes into their mix!

5.)  A Tea Basket:  Throw in an herbal, black, and green tea for some variety.  Grab a raw honey for mixing, and if you have any beautiful tea cups to gift, throw that in, too!  Any tea lover would be happy to get this!

photo 2 (11)photo 1 (4)

If you HAVE to go out like I did today, maybe consider who you still have to buy for and go the food route.  I think more people like getting food than what we realize especially when it is a variety or items they have been wanting to try or buy but it’s not on their regular grocery list.

Wishing everyone the most Merriest of Christmases and Happiest of Holidays!  Be safe and have fun!


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