Mineral Makeup: Good For Your Face And The Earth.

I don’t leave the house often without makeup.  I will at least throw on eye makeup before jetting out.  When I first began applying makeup in, like, 6th grade I was buying Wet & Wild, Lip Smackers, and other chemical laden cosmetics.  However, I didn’t know how packed full these products are with synthetics and other not-so-good ingredients.  After wearing makeup for a number of years and battling breakouts, I decided to start lessening the amounts of chemicals I was putting onto my face.  I began buying Physician’s Formula in which I still use for my basic every day wear.

Derrrr!  Makeup-less versus Mineral Makeup Face.  I NEED eye makeup.

Derrrr! Makeup-less versus Mineral Makeup Face. I NEED eye makeup.

Fast forward to my later college years and the beginning of ridding my life of unnecessary fillers, synthetics, and chemicals.  My mom and I were swapping makeup tips and items we liked when we came across the Environmental Working Group’s skin care database called Skin Deep.  This database includes cosmetics from a myriad of brands and they are rated on a scale of 0 to 6 in accordance with a set of standards.  Zero is, of course, pretty safe and environmentally friendly and a six…well, there are probably some risks involved after prolonged usage.  [Note:  The website also has a number of articles on harmful cosmetics and the risks they pose to your health if you continue to use them.  Just think about it, we use makeup just about every day.  That’s a lot of use.] Products are picked apart and rated on their chemical (or lack there of) content, environmental impact, and any possible risk factors.  The website lists ALL of the products’ ingredients and give EACH OF THOSE their own number as well.  My mom and I were appalled to see that some of the makeup we were using daily actually scored 4’s and higher!  These were products that claimed to be hypoallergenic, chemical free, cruelty-free, and HELPFUL to skin.  I’m sorry, but if my makeup contains chemicals I wouldn’t ingest, I am doubtful it is actually benefiting my face.

I decided I need to make further changes to keep my skin healthy and my environmental impact low.  I have tried going powder and cream free, but with fair skin, I feel I still (at times) need a concealer to hide my internal stuff that my translucent skin likes to showcase (especially after just a few hours of sleep.  YIKES!).  I started to look to, YOU GUESSED IT, Etsy for makeup purchases and I was beyond impressed.  There are HUNDREDS of vendors that sell synthetic free mineral makeup that can actually help improve the condition of your skin because of the natural and soothing ingredients.  Many of these companies also pride themselves on upcycling their containers and/or being vegan.  Did you know that the ingredients crushed pearl and keratin listed on a product wouldn’t be considered vegan??  Pearl essence usually means ground up fish scales and keratin is actually ground up horns and hooves.  Uhhhh, I didn’t know.  No Thanks!…. 😦

Check out SkinDeep to see how YOUR makeup breaks down.  The website also debunks common myths about our beloved makeup like, “The chemical content would be so low and not much of it gets into my system anyway,” and “If it were dangerous, stores wouldn’t sell it.”  You may be surprised at some of the facts uncovered.

On Etsy a few years back I found one company I really loved, but as I was putting together this post I checked their page as I haven’t been there in a while and I’m not sure if they’re selling any more!  They were called Star-Crushed Minerals.  Using loose powders for ALL of my makeup needs was a bit of a challenge at first.  I didn’t like how I had to apply them, but I bought better brushes and started experimenting!  I would never go back now.

StarCrushed Mineral Make up on Etsy.

StarCrushed Mineral Make up on Etsy.

photo 3 (21)

Check out SobeBotanicals (vegan) and Clear Skin Mineral Cosmetics for a range of beauty products that don’t contain harmful additives and are safe to put into our water.

My wittle-business-on-the-side also carries bath products that are chemical free and lower your “carbon footprint.”  Go to Siren’s Song Bath Scrubs today to see how pampering yourself doesn’t need to cost much and can actually improve your skin.

I do believe there are better choices to be made when it comes to the makeup we wear daily.  I have a hard time going without, and I am happy that there are people out there who produce and sell smarter options.  I invite you to explore your options and play with your makeup routine!  Have fun!  (Just try not to go overboard on Etsy like I do!)

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