Sunday Funday: Beating the Holiday Stress, 1 Gallon-a-Day-Water Challenge, and Strawberry Spin Smoothie.

Yesterday was Siren’s Song Bath Scrubs first every craft show and it was AWESOME.  I love meeting people who take their skin care seriously but want something that is not riddled with chemicals that are harmful for themselves AND the environment.  Check out some of this week’s past posts on Avocado, an incredibly delicious bacon-wrapped-meatloaf recipe, a darn good face toner recipe for your week.

photo 1 (23)

Beating the holiday stress can be tough.  I know here in Pittsburgh traffic is worse which is probably one of the biggest stressors I have right now.  Then there’s the stress of a busy schedule with shopping, visiting friends and family, getting holiday things together.  While it IS all fun and enjoyable, sometimes the “getting prepared” part can be stressful.  Here are a few tips I’ve found to work over the last few years to beat feeling “overly excited” or stressed during the busy holiday season.

1.)  Make a timeline.  I am a calendar person, and I have writing all over mine.  I like to have a visual representation of when I should accomplish certain tasks and whatnot.  This may not be helpful for everyone, but it makes me feel very in control.

2.)  Shop ONLINE.  I’ve never understood the draw people feel to shop at a mall between mid-November and December.  It’s hectic!  Even just finding appropriate parking is a….well, you know.  I switched to purchasing just about EVERYTHING for the holidays online.  Etsy has been a huge success for me the past few years.

3.)  Compromise on who you’re visiting.  I remember being younger and traveling from place, to place, to place.  If your family doesn’t get TOO upset with you, divvy up your holidays.  This year Mike and I did Thanksgiving with my family and we will do Christmas with his.  You shouldn’t feel rushed to spend time with everyone.  Make one visit worthwhile.

4.)  FIND TIME TO UNWIND.  Let yourself relax on certain days of the week with a bath, meditation, or an acupuncture mat.  I have done acupuncture for a few years now, but currently can’t afford the sessions.  Companies actually make acupuncture mats where you can lay comfortably for up to 30-45 minutes and release tension.  Check them out here!

photo (1)


It’s almost officially winter and I’m drying out!  Our heat has been running high and we don’t have control over the thermostat.  SO, I decided to take the 30 day water challenge in which I am to drink a GALLON of water a day.  There have been some days where this is easy, and others where I know I am not reaching my gallon mark.  On the days I am meeting the gallon mark, I feel SO much better.  I don’t get minor or major headaches, I feel less achy, and I feel my appetite is then curbed.  More updates to come on this with before and after pictures of my face make-up-less AHHHHHHHHHH!


The other day I had some coconut water and spinach I wanted to use up before it went bad.  I created the Strawberry Spin Smoothie that is not the PRETTIEST thing to look at, but it’s delicious!

Strawberry Spin Smoothie

What You Will Need:

  • 1 cup frozen strawberries
  • 1 handful of spinach
  • 1 1/2 cups of coconut water
  • a tablespoon of flax seed
  • drizzle honey

What You Will Need To Do:

  1. Mix and drink!  It does not turn into the prettiest color, but it’s frozen and yummy!

photo 2 (25)photo 3 (19)

I hope everyone is staying warm and staying relaxed as we move deeper into the holiday season 😉  Off to yoga and then hopefully to see Mockingjay!  Happy Sunday.


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