PowerHouse Purchase: Avocado.

I am on an avocado KICK.  Not only are they soft and buttery, but they are filled with great fats that are great for your body (skin included).  My boyfriend and I have resolved to start eating healthier, and we plan on cutting back on the meat.  We don’t eat terribly but we LOVE TO EAT a lot.  Avocados are great for topping your favorite dishes but they can also be used in smoothies and other recipes as the shining star.  The staple.  Read up on one of my faves below!

Mad Mex.  OMG.

Mad Mex. OMG.

What You Should Own This Shtuff:

1.)  They contain vital nutrients for optimum functioning.  Avocados contain no sodium or cholesterol and are low in saturated fats.  However, the fats that ARE included can actually reduce your cholestoral and can improve heart function.  This power fruit actually contains more potassium than bananas.  Most people lack potassium and it can improve blood pressure levels if you receive the correct amount.  Avocados also contain a high daily percentage of some B vitamins and Vitamin K.  Reach for an avocado to throw into your next smoothie instead of the banana!

2.)  Avocados are nature’s butter.  I think the WORST thing people can do is read and count calories.  If you ate an entire avocado (which many people do for a quick meal), you are consuming about 250 calories ingesting 23 grams of fat.  BUT!  You are getting 15 grams of monosaturated fats which promote heart health.  Also, your body begins to digest the avocado and think, “Hey!  This is a whole, unprocessed food.  I know what to do with it.”  Ultimately, it won’t leave waste behind and will be used completely by your body.  Instead of reaching for the butter to butter your toast or sprouted bread, slather some ripen avocado on it.  It’s smooth and silky just like your butter would be.

Read up on some more health benefits here and here.

Avocados can also be used directly on your skin for great face masks.  Smash one up, rub it onto your face, and let it dry for about 10 minutes.  Rinse with warm water.  Your skin will be baby soft!

These babies are meant to give you a boost of energy from the inside out.  I like to add them to basically everything lately for rich texture, color, and the smooth buttery taste.  So whip up that guacamole and eat it up tonight!

Banana, Avocado, OJ and Coconut Milk smoothie

Banana, Avocado, OJ and Coconut Milk smoothie


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