Sunday Funday: The Launch of Siren’s Song Bath Scrubs and Recap.

Happy Sunday!  Where did it go???!!!  For real though….

If you missed anything this past week in thepaisleykitchen, check out the PowerHouse purchase of the week, Spinach, and see why adding this power green to your routine is going to benefit you in many ways.  Check out some healthy alternatives to sides this holiday season:  Maple Roasted Butternut Squash & Beets or Zucchini Cakes.  Both are scrumptious!  Also, check out the launch of Siren’s Song Bath Scrubs for some unique and chemical-free bath products for holiday gift inspiration.

Well, I am learning.  Starting a small, very small, little bath care business has not been as easy as I thought it may be.  Not even so much as easy, but I thought I was more prepared.  Technology is, sometimes (maybe, most of the time?), baffling to me.  I did not expect to encounter problems with setting up a way to order, but then again I have NEVER done anything like this before.  Everything has been exciting so far!  From the making of the products to thinking of designs for current and future labeling and all the technical difficulties included.  This all has been so fun, and I plan on continuing to learn and grow during this experience.

Bath Bombies!

Bath Bombies!

So Thanksgiving has come and gone.  Yet another year is winding down.  I personally LOVE this time of year because I’m a sucker for nostalgic thoughts and reflection.  I start to recap my whole year:  what was fun?  what was challenging?  what did I learn?  I know that looking back is not always the most healthy or beneficial way to spend time thinking, but if you are looking to improve yourself and your life, I think that deserves some recognition and thought.  The other day I was thinking of all of the people I admire.  Truly admire.  I have a handful of friends and family I feel this way about.  One person is my cousin Angie who has battled breast cancer for the majority of this year.  She just turned 34 this past week and I thought, “Wow.  If I could take just a little bit of her spunk and attitude, I can literally make it through everything.”  There are so many people I am thankful to have met, have in my family, or continue to grow a relationship with.

After trying to get this small little business off the ground, I truly admire anyone who is a go-getter that I know.  I feel that sometimes many people (including myself) get hung up on external forces and intertwine our relationship with these things and our happiness.  Some people just really know how to get out there and change things for themselves and get rid of things that don’t serve them or even achieve things that DO serve them.  I know I will continue to work on this.  🙂

Saturday Mike and I went to the I Made It Market in Pittsburgh to check everything out.  It’s wonderful to see hard-working artists and crafts-people HAPPY with what they’re making.  Personalizing your own materials into hand crafted, unique pieces for others has to be so rewarding.  Check out one of the AWESOME artists, Ashley of Papyrusaurus, who was in attendance. You will probably find something for everyone on your list at her Etsy shop!  Mike and I got a gorgeous ornament from her as we’re starting an ornament tradition where we’ll pick out a new, handcrafted one every year.

Doctor Who!

Doctor Who!

Oh, P.S. I got henna!

Oh, P.S. I got henna!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and your up and coming week is beautiful!


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