Siren’s Song Bath Scrubs: Natural and Alternative Bath Care.

So, today’s the big day! I have officially launched Siren’s Song Bath Scrubs as it’s own little micro-business on Small Business Saturday. Check out some of the products!

Coconut & Spearmint Lips Scrub

Coconut & Spearmint Lips Scrub

A personal fave:  Honey, Lemon & Lavender Sugar Face Scrub

A personal fave: Honey, Lemon & Lavender Sugar Face Scrub

My ideas about my body and bath care over the past few years has changed drastically.  I felt that if I couldn’t pronounce the ingredients or if the ingredient list took up the ENTIRE back of the bottle, it probably wasn’t the best for my skin.  I began switching my eating habits up and was, overall, becoming a lot more aware of the synthetics and chemicals we expose ourselves to everyday.  I began experimenting with my own bath care products about two-three years ago.  I refined many of my recipes and got into essential oils and their uses for aromatherapy.  I wanted to combine all of these interests and hobbies and that is how Siren’s Song was born!

I use many cooking oils many may keep in their kitchens IN my bath care products.  Does putting coconut or any other oil, for that matter, on your face kinda skeeve you out?  Read up on the benefits of these basic cooking oils and how they are great natural moisturizers for your skin.

A personal account:


You can read up on SO many other personal accounts with pictures and everything.  Most oils are fast absorbing and some of you may think, “Well, my skin is already OILY.  WHY would I put OIL on it??”  If your skin is dry or oily, your body is trying to overcompensate for something.  In other words, you’re body is sending you a message.  Just changing your diet and habits can affect how your face looks and feels.  Adding natural ingredients into your skin care routine keeps your body’s functions and actions functioning in a normal manner because they contain little to no chemicals that interfere with your skin’s oil production.

Switching over can be intimidating, but once you cross that line I guarantee you won’t go back!


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