PowerHouse Purchase: Spinach. Just Spinach.

I turned over quite a few different products and grocery items for this week’s PowerHouse Purchase, and this veggie beat out the other competitors like Coconut Milk and Nut Butters.  I think it’s because I’ve been ingesting an insane amount lately and I can prepare it in sooooo many delicious ways.  I’m not talkin’ ’bout Pop Eye’s canned spinach.  I’m talkin’ about dat fresh, baby green spinach.  Yum.  Check out some health benefits below and some ideas on getting this Power Green into your rotations.

Must.  Eat.  Spinach.

Must. Eat. Spinach.

1.)  Spinach is a nutrient dense food.  This yummy green is low in cals AND cholosterol but it is PACKED with vitamins and nutrients our bodies need to perform at their optimal levels.  Spinach contains niacin which is great vitamin to boost metabolism and increase circulation.  If you’re anything like me, though, that niacin flush is rough when ingesting the supplements.  Add spinach in to get this great vitamin.  Spinach is also iron-rich, so if you’re lacking that, grab a spinach salad or mix up a smoothie in the morning.  Read more about the nutrients and vitamins included here at Naturally Healthy Eating.

2.)  Talk about a versatile veg!  I like to incorporate spinach into my smoothies for a quick boost in the morning.  Start the day with veggies, right!?  Spinach also makes a great side when just sauteed with oil, vinegar, and garlic.  BEWARE.  It WILL cook down A LOT.  Stuff it into your quesadillas, tacos, and sandwiches to get the healthy benefits.  OR.  If that’s not enough, bake it into your favorite meatloaves, meat dishes, or wilt it into soups.  It’s truly amazing.  I’ve never once thought the taste of baby spinach is too awful or bitter.  Mix up the smoothie below and you won’t even notice!  The Banana Spin smoothie….

Check out the Banana Spin Smoothie!

Check out the Banana Spin Smoothie!

I go through about two huge containers of this a week by incorporating it into just about everything.  The best thing is I’ve put it into enough of my recipes without my boyfriend even knowing that he now also digs the spinach.  He’s even got those Pop Eye muscles to prove it.  😛

Enjoy your night and get some of this Power Green in a few days this week!

**If anyone ever has some suggestions for grocery items people SHOULDN’T live without, leave a comment below!


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