Herbolution: An Etsy Shop That Takes Environmentally Friendly to a New Level.

It’s Friday.  YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!  My kitchen is currently covered in all kinds of sugars, oils, essential oils, and other yummy ingredients because I’m getting ready to stock up Siren’s Song Bath Scrubs!  Here’s a sneak peek at a Vanilla Chai Face Scrub and Spearmint Sugar Lips/Lavender Honey Vanilla Sugar Lips:

photo 2 (13)

Under the Christmas Tree!

photo 1 (13)

Mixin’ dem ingredients!

Two years ago I began trying to lessen the amount of chemicals I was ingesting and putting onto my body, but I didn’t begin experimenting with my own scrubs right away.  I was first hooked on Etsy.  I found a few shops that had a very similar mindset, and I began trying a lot of their products.  Etsy is such a great community for both buyer and seller.  Direct contact can be made immediately about orders, and the vendors truly craft some incredible items.  They take what they’re doing very seriously and have honed their skills.  One shop I immediately fell in love with was Herbolution.  This shop is so friendly and has a TON of options for natural and organic skin care.  Even all of their packing products from wrapping papers to peanuts are all biodegradable.  Check them out and show them some love!

I have been eyeing up switching over to shampoo and conditioner bars and there are many options on Etsy.  Any suggestions or advice before I make the switch??

Happy Friday, yinz and take care!


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