Roll-On Perfume Oils: Mix and Match to Match You!

I am admittedly an Etsy addict.  Like, for real.  I schedule a few times a month that I even ALLOW myself to browse the site because I undoubtedly will find something I.  NEED.  TO.  HAVE.

Etsy has a plethora of homemade, organic, and natural products listed from face masks to shoe deodorizers.  I began searching for alternatives to perfume sprays because I became concerned with the chemicals going onto my body and polluting my space.  I was getting random dry, red patches of skin about the size of a quarter each.  They didn’t necessarily itch, but they changed the coloring of my skin.  I wasn’t sure what it was caused by:  my diet?  lotions?  sprays?  I decided to try going natural to calm my skin.  I wasn’t taking chances anymore, and I found that roll-on perfume was a great way to still incorporate uplifting and soothing smells without the harsh effects of spray containers and bottles.

I began looking for roll-ons that contained fractionated coconut oil because in this form, it’s shelf life is considerably longer.  Fractionated coconut oil also is scentless so it won’t interfere with any natural oils and scents.  Plus, coconut oil is a great moisturizer for skin!

I will forewarn you, however, that if you’re looking for scents that will hit everyone in the face when you walk through the door like some sprays do, these roll-ons are not for you.  I often refresh mine twice a day for a pick me up.  But, they are great for up close and personal encounters 🙂  Of course, as in all perfumes, certain scents may meld with you better than others due to your own oils.

I have yet to make my OWN perfume oils, but I have found an Etsy shop that has THE BEST perfume roll-ons for an incredible price.  Firebird Bath and Body’s scents range from dark, muted, smokey and masculine scents to light, crisp, and fruity-sweet mixes.  My recommendations are the following:

photo (10)

Pomegranate Basil:  Fruity, sharp and herbal at the same time.

Lavender Wood:  Lavender’s dark side:  muted and smokey.

Cinders:  Beeswax and smoke.

Black Tea and Mint:  Smells EXACTLY like its name.

Gingerale:  Light, crisp, bubbly.

Almond Milk (not pictured):  Soft, sensual, soothing.

Saltwater (not pictured):  Reminds me of a cold beach day.

I highly recommend this shop if you’re looking to give your skin a smooth, sweet treat.  Check it out, and roll-on.


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