Sunday Funday: Setting an Intention, Banana-Spin Smoothie, and Recap.

This past week has been a super busy one for me, and I am so glad I got that extra hour last night to regroup.  🙂  Check out some of the posts from earlier this week to see the benefits of incorporating Almond Meal into your cooking routine, an awesomely easy Jambayla inspired dinner, and easy facials you can make out of some of the foods in your kitchen.  Category tabs are at the bottom of the page.


The word “intentional” to me held a very different meaning about three years ago.  If you look at synonyms it can mean deliberate, calculated, knowing:  some of these to me sound harsh and manipulative.  Really though, I had heard it spoken, most of the time, in a context where someone had “intentionally” done something.  Situations like, “He intentionally lost his homework,” or, “She didn’t take your number intentionally.”  For a reason.  On purpose.  Depending on the context, this word doesn’t mean much good.

Then I heard it in my yoga practice for the first time:  “Set your intention for your practice.  Think of what you want to accomplish in this class, on your journey…..”  OH!  Intention means doing something in a purposeful way.  It means thinking about your action as you complete it and how it helps you move forward.  I loved how this use of “intention” made me feel and what it made me think of.  The future.

Setting an intention can be any number of things and it can lead you down a myriad of paths.  It can be used in meditation or in every day life.  I set an intention at the beginning of every school year.  It may be goals I want my students to accomplish by the end of the year, but I also incorporate what I can do on a day to day basis as I’m doing my lessons to get them there.  It’s important to think of The Now.

When I first started meditation, I would pick one word to focus on while clearing my mind.  Words I would pick from would be ideas like compassion, love, kindness, hope, health, happiness, etc.  I would set an intention and think of things that reminded me of these ideas or actions I could take in my life to incorporate them day to day.

Thin Nhat Hanh has a great book called “Peace is Every Step” talking about ways to be mindful during every day chores and routines.  We sometimes cloud our natural intentions with the mundane and lose the purpose of what we’re doing.  Read this book.  It’s a great addition to your daily routine maybe in the morning or evening.

photo (6)

My Sunday Smoothie recipe for you today is a really easy one packed full with vitamins and minerals.  I actually picked up this recipe from a family I nanny-ed for this past summer.  Even kids love it!  I make this one about twice a week to get some veggies plus fruit into my morning.

Banana Spin Smoothie

What You Will Need:

  • 2 handfuls of baby spinach
  • 1 banana
  • 1 cup OJ
  • 1/2 cup pineapple
  • flax seed
  • ice

What You Will Need To Do:

  1. Place all the ingredients in the blender and SPIN!  What a yummy way to get spinach in for the day.

photo (7)

Blend this one up and enjoy your extra hour today.  Happy Sunday!


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