PowerHouse Purchase: Coconut Oil.

It’s not a huge surprise that my first featured PowerHouse Purchase is Coconut Oil.  You can stop in here and find many food recipes as well as body care recipes that include this AMAZING product, so, naturally it came first.


coconut oil

Why you NEED to own this shtuff:

1.)  Coconut oil has a myriad of uses for beefing up your beauty regimen.  Not only does it help heal dry, stressed out hair, it helps replenish your scalps natural balance of oils stimulating hair growth.  Start at the roots, right?!  This oil can DRASTICALLY improve your skin!  When mixed with Kosher salt, it makes for a great exfoliating mix.  (Clean up dem heels!)  I will include some recipes soon.  Even just smoothing it onto your skin can help replenish even the driest of conditions.  Putting coconut oil on your face at night may seem terrifying, but I PROMISE you will love the condition of your skin after a week or so!  You may not even want to wear make up because your skin will be glowing.  As long as your face isn’t too oily, I would try this trick.  At the end of the day, take off the day’s make-up with a few dabs on a cotton ball.  Jump into bed so fresh and so clean, and coconut oil still has some magic left for ya:  it can even be used as a natural massage oil and lubricant (hubba hubba).

salt scrub scrubs

2.)  Coconut oil is a great way to add flavor to your meals.  It’s a great substitute for vegetable oils because it has a higher smoke point (you won’t be creating harmful toxins when it begins to burn).  Try spooning some into your coffee or tea to boost your metabolism; in fact, it’s GREAT for digestion.  Ingesting it daily can increase mental awareness, reduce allergy symptoms, and boost hormone production.

This is basically, like, a magic elixir that was created at Hogwarts or something….IT’S THAT GOOD.  It will offer you many different uses and health benefits.  Plus, what’s not to love with just the smell…..when you twist open the jar and catch a whiff of the tropics.  Whoopee!  Go. Buy it.

Check out some other websites to see what else Coconut Oil has to offer you!  Below is one of my favorites.  Enjoy!



3 responses to “PowerHouse Purchase: Coconut Oil.

  1. Renee, I love it! I personally lOVE reading cooking and DIY blogs and now, I can read my cousins! 😉 truly inspirational!


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