So, what IS The Paisley Kitchen?

This has been a long time coming.  If you have read the About Me section at all, I have begun and am continuing a journey of self care.  I have gone through a series of ups and downs with my health and I haven’t even hit 30 yet (more to come in later blog posts)!  All of this anxiety caused by how my body and mind felt really had taken its toll on me.  So, what was I to do about it?

I began reading….a lot.  Raw food diet?  Sure!  Let me read five books on it and try juicing everyday!  Gluten free?  Sure!  Let me read all of the pros and cons, but I miss bread!!  Paleo diet?  I can eat BACON?!!!?  My independent research took me through bouts of skepticism, belief, and everywhere in between.  But, one recurring thought became an internal mantra:  I’m not looking for a quick fix, I’m looking for a new lifestyle.  Anyone can look up information about the above listed “theories” on eating, dieting, cleansing, etc, but nothing stuck with me as personally satisfying or fulfilling.  So….what did I make of all this conflicting research and information I was cramming into my brain about FOOD and my relationship with it?  I decided to create a patchwork rotation of meals, snacks, drinks, and sides that FIT me.  That’s how I created The Paisley Kitchen.

After being more aware and mindful of what I was putting INTO my body, I began to read and explore the dark corners of the web about what I was putting ONTO my body.  Some of this information startled me more so than looking up the stuff I was ingesting!  I began to change over my bath and beauty regimen to a more natural approach.  Most of the products I now use are concocted in my own kitchen and I could probably eat them if I was in a pinch.

What can YOU take away from my paisley kitchen?  Well, maybe a new recipe.  Or, maybe some advice.  I am in no way a licensed nutritionist, beautician, or fitness coach, but I am hoping that my very honest explanations of my experiences can maybe help others to become more aware.  This blog will be a resource for DIY bath products, healthy recipes that recognize not everyone can eat EVERYTHING without repercussions, and practices for daily mindfulness all with a little sprinkling of my personal experiences.  Below is a list of posts I will be regularly updating to keep you mindful about your kitchen.  And, who knows, I may incorporate more than just kitchen and bath!


I plan on posting my “go to” recipes that are heart healthy, low on carbs, lean meat oriented and incorporate a lot of veggies!  I have trouble with stomach acid, so many of my recipes will keep in mind the more sensitive of guts.

Bath Goodies:

Posts related to bath and shower time will include my DIY products many of which include ingredients you may find in your kitchen.  I regularly use essential oils in aromatherapy and skincare products.  BEWARE:  not all essential oils are for everyone!  Always do a skin test first.  For instance, I am allergic to cedar wood…didn’t know until I was mixing up a huge batch of bath bombs that included the oil.

PowerHouse Purchases:

My posts on PowerHouse Purchases will be grocery items I cannot live without, and maybe you can’t either!  These products will be multi-faceted and used in a number of ways to get you moving!  This will be once a week.


I may throw in random posts on keeping your mind focused on whatever end goal you may have for yourself.  It may be short term or long term, but in the mean time we can all use a little peace.

Of course, I will give you sites and links for more information on some of my posts and I truly hope they are helpful.  My Instagram account is always a good place to see quick pics of current recipes I’m using!  I hope readers take away something to bring a little joy, peace, and happiness to their day.  Enjoy!


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